About Elaine


Not one of us can predict how our lives will play out. Can you imagine getting to choose your parents, siblings, extended family? We’d vote for every day to be a happy day, full of loving family who smile all the time. Thankfully, God chooses to place us where He knows is best, among a family and situation that will lead us ultimately to Him.


I was always an independent  soul, often having to do things by myself, and wanting. A good thing at times and at other times, not. Could it have been preparation for a future where I’d have to make choices on my own?


During my high school years unforeseen changes occurred. The dimensions of familiar things, like family, altered. I  kept my face toward the sun, hoping for brighter times ahead, and moved forward.


As a married adult, life became a daily, gradual learning curve. I embraced my writing, a childhood passion that I’d put aside. (Wow—look at my 1st computer!) Never did I expect writing to be the gateway to holding onto sanity.


And, here I am today. I continue to move forward—my only brave pills coming from my faith. I know what I want for the future, but who knows what will happen? I’m trusting since I know I’m in His hands.


See, none of us do know what tomorrow will bring. However, we do know our pasts, full of joys, tears, laughs, shouts, bravery, and fear. That’s why I invite you into the world of my novels: a little mix of crazy under the old family roof. Yet, with belief in a God who loves us like no one else, there’s also hope. If you enjoy family drama blended with psychological suspense, are curious to know how people can get themselves out of a mess that seems otherwise impossible, I hope you will cozy up with one of my stories and let me know what you think.

What kind of journey are you on? I’d love to hear from you and hope you’ll connect with me.