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Everyone’s Story welcomes author Kenneth S. Pratt. I met Kenneth here and there on all things social media, but when I read his personal story on Facebook I knew I had to have him as my guest. When I received his blog material my eyes welled by his testimony of strength, faith, and hope and may each of you be moved as well. Kenneth also offers a BookGiveaway of an inspirational western! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!




Kenneth is offering 1 randomly chosen commenter 1 ebook edition of Willow Falls, Book 1 of the U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister Western Series. The winner will be announced Friday morning EST on January 26th.

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Hope by Kenneth S. Pratt

First, I want to thank Elaine Stock for the opportunity to share a little bit of my story with you all and the chance to share a bit about why I write the way I do. I suppose that begs the question, “How do you write?”. Well, let me tell you a little about myself and then I can answer that question better.

My name is Kenneth S. Pratt. I married my wife Cathy in 1996, and I got down on my knees and told her three children that I wasn’t just marrying their mom, I was marrying them too as I committed to being their step-father, or “Dad” if they allowed me to be. Like all families we had our share of ups and downs, and frustrating experiences with our kids. But they have grown older and become good-hearted people and two have families of their own. We have been married for 22 years now and have six grandchildren. We live on the beautiful Oregon Coast in the town of Lincoln City, where we are raising our youngest boy, who is a junior in high school this year.

In 2012, my wife Cathy was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 45. Cathy was given five to ten years to live with her type of Early Onset and there was little help they could give her until she turned 50. It was a devastating diagnosis that we were wholly unprepared for. The day we were told all this, we got home and had to tell our kids somehow. We did so with broken voices and teary eyes. That night, our neighbor who was our neighbor for 12 years, came banging into our home with her walker in her pajamas looking for her husband. Carol, our elderly neighbor, had Alzheimer’s, but we never saw her behave like that until the day Cathy was diagnosed. For us, it became a fearful glimpse of what laid ahead. Worse, after some testing we discovered her disease isn’t hereditary, it’s cause was unnecessary. She was married to a very abusive man for ten years before she met me. She was too scared to leave him and her Early Onset was caused by the domestic abuse she suffered for the ten years of their marriage. – We are now six years in and Cathy has certainly changed from where she once was. She is fighting daily, and the Lord has blessed us with her slow progression so far.


In July of this year, on Cathy’s Birthday actually, our ten-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer. If you want to talk about making a big man fall to his knees in tears, just involve his ten-year-old granddaughter and the word cancer. It was a very hard time knowing our little sweetheart was going through so much sickness and pain as she fought this horrible disease. We were Blessed, she had a knee replacement and there is no more cancer in her body. That is new news, and I smile as I write it. Praise God!

While writing to a friend tonight about my granddaughter’s experience, because her grandson is going through similar things and is at the same hospital as I write this. I mentioned being in the post-surgery ward of Doernbecher’s Children Hospital and hearing the children in there crying and screaming in pain while being moved. My granddaughter included. It is heartbreaking! I mentioned the pain those children were suffering hurt no doubt, but it was the beginning of their healing and without the surgeries that caused that pain, there would be no hope. Hope, my friends, gets us through the darkest times of our lives even when the tears fall constantly. Bad things happen to everyone, good and bad. They happen to Christians too. I am a Christian writer, and that’s what I write about. It is my very simple philosophy that is we are given certain talents, and we can toss them to the swine, or we can use them to encourage others, give others hope and expand the word of God through the written word. My books were written for the purpose of changing lives. I have been told a few times that I’d make more money if I took all the “religious stuff” out of my books…But the last I heard 50 Shades of Grey hasn’t brought anyone to the Lord or offered anyone any hope when life drops them to their knees like it has me a few times. I strive to write books that do. And according to some reviews, I am very humbled to say I’m not too far off that mark by the sounds of it.

I have written two western novels known as the ‘Bannister Series.” The first book is titled, “Willow Falls” – which deals with forgiveness and reconciliation. The second book is titled, “Sweethome” – which asks the question, can any good come out of tragedy? Book #3 and #4 of the series are almost done and will be published this year, Lord willing. What I do have coming out pretty soon though is a modern day, small town thriller published by Christian Publishing titled, “When the Wolf Comes Knocking.” – This book answers the question; can you trust the Lord in times of fear? And a few other things along the way, as three different types of wolves terrorize a family and tear them apart…or try to. I take my characters very personally and to me they become alive on the paper, so conversation and conflict usually drives the stories that I write.

Thank you for reading this far, and may the Lord bless each and every one of you.

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Author’s Bio:

SweethomeKenneth and Cathy Pratt have been married for 19 years and are blessed with five children and six grandchildren. They reside in the coastal town of Lincoln City, Oregon with the beach less than half a mile away. Pratt has written three novels, two published and one unpublished. He has also penned a collection of children’s stories, which were originally bedtime stories for his son.

Pratt works full time in building maintenance and writes late at night after everyone else goes to bed, so four to five hours of sleep a night is not uncommon at all.

“I write for the purpose of changing lives, perhaps to lead some to the Lord, to plant a seed, and to encourage Christians in particular, to endure hardship.”

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Kenneth and I look forward to your comments.




Her Good Girl releases in both print and Kindle on January 22nd.

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24 comments to Kenneth S. Pratt Speaks Up!

  • Kenneth, thank you for sharing your heart and your journey with us. God bless you and your family.

    • elaineadmin

      Melissa, I’m happy you’ve joined us today. Have a great one!

    • Kenneth S. Pratt

      Melissa,Thank you for your comment.I hate to say it’s my pleasure, because the circumstances are never too fun. However, we take it one day at a time and if we can encourage others along the way then its not wasted time at all. Thank you, again!

  • You’re walking a hard road, Kenneth and my prayers go with you. Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone you meet, whether in person or through your writing.

    • elaineadmin

      Thanks, Pat, for visiting and for your encouragement.

    • Kenneth S. Pratt

      Patricia, Thank you for the compliment. – You know when it comes to the road we are to travel, we take it one step and one day at a time and enjoy the time we have with my Hot Chick!(Cathy). Our focus is to not allow ourselves or more importantly our children to become bitter and angry. Grace, we live with choosing grace.
      Thank you, again.

  • What a powerful story, Kenneth. Thank you for sharing your struggles and the hope you find our Lord.

    • elaineadmin

      Thanks Kelly for your visit and support.

    • Kenneth S. Pratt

      Kelly, Thank you. The greatest thing about knowing the Lord is knowing He is not a statue wanting praise, but a living God who wants to be intimate and active in our lives. He wants to be relied upon and trusted, and loved, because He loves us. THAT alone brings comfort and hope. He is good always, even when it “looks” bad. So we walk by faith in what we dont see rather than what we do.
      Thank you, again.

  • Incredible story. Kenneth, you are a blessing to the Lord. I admire you for not compromising your Christian ideals when it comes to writing what you feel helps others most. Bless you, for sharing your faith with everyone who reads your work. I look forward to reading one of your books.

    • elaineadmin

      Julie, I appreciate your visit today. I too am grateful for Kenneth’s stand on his faith and not compromising them.

      Hope to see you again.

    • Kenneth S. Pratt

      Thank you, Julie. – I do not know of anything that is more important than knowing Jesus Christ in this life. With that in mind, to me as an author, I have one goal and that’s to share the Gospel with those who don’t know it, and encourage those who do. I do appreciate your comment. Again Thank you.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you for sharing your heart’s story, Kenneth. The hope you have in God and His never failing grace and love will a bright light to others. May His healing touch be upon Cathy and your granddaughter. God bless your writing and continued strength in this journey called life.

    • elaineadmin

      Marilyn, your words have moved me once again, my friend. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kenneth S. Pratt

      Marilyn, Thank you! A very sincere-Thank you! You made my eyes water a bit too. I don’t know where our road is going to or how rough it will get, but I do know the Lord is never surprised and in my experiences, He is always prepared to see us through whatever Red Sea experience we have had. Thank you, again.

  • Kenneth, thank you for sharing your testimony of hope in the darkest hours. Your story of love for your
    wife and children is inspirational. Thank you also for sharing about why you write. It is a good reminder
    and encouragement to me as sometimes I falter in remembering my purpose as a writer. May God
    bless you with continued strength, many stories, and healing for your wife and granddaughter.

  • Kenneth, I am so sorry for what you are going through in your family. Your story, though, confirms the words of my favorite song, “He Giveth More Grace.” And just as the apostle Paul promised, His grace will be sufficient. Only out of deep pain can any of us really write stories that truly minister God’s grace to others. May the God of all comfort continue to grant you His grace, peace, and strength as you write.

  • Kenneth S. Pratt

    Thank you, AnnaLee.
    Despite the things we have dealt with and are still, we do have a deep sense of peace even in the toughest winds of the storm. It is not that I am any tougher than any one else, it is just simply knowing the Lord and knowing He’s in control. And He’s a pretty good Captain of our ship. We just enjoy the ride on good days and weather the storms on the bad. The cruise is worth it though!!
    Thank you, again.

  • elaineadmin

    It’s been one beautiful, moving week here on Everyone’s Story, and I have my guest, author Kenneth S. Pratt, to thank. Kenneth, I’m grateful that you’ve shared your personal story with us. So many of us are experiencing many trials and stumbles in life, whether now or in the past or ones to come in the future. Without God, we’re lost! Thank you for reminding us about this. I pray for you, your lovely wife, and your sweet granddaughter.

    Thanks too for your BookGiveaway!!

    And the winner is…

    Julie. Happy reading, Julie! Both Kenneth and I will contact you via direct email.

    Blessings to all.

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