Denise M. Walker Speaks Up!


Everyone’s Story welcomes author and ministry founder, Denise M. Walker. I’m thrilled and honored that Denise is visiting us this week. I had the pleasure to get to know this warm, big-hearted woman when her book club, Hope-In-Christ Facebook Book Club hosted me in a discussion of my debut novel, Always With You, and then later interviewed me on a podcast. I hope you enjoy Denise’s interview and will check out her ministries and her BookGiveaways she is generously offering. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

**I’m thrilled and honored that my next release, Her Good Girl, is receiving some lovely reviews on Goodreads!! Please check out an excerpt of the novel below Denise’s feature.




Denise is offering 2 randomly chosen commenters their choice of either 1 paRe-PresentingGodperback edition of Hannah’s Hope (a novel) or Re-Presenting God (a youth journal). US residents only. The winners will be announced Friday morning EST on January 19th.

** For Giveaways: it’s not necessary to insert your private email information within comments.



Getting to Know Denise

Who is Denise M. Walker?

First off, I am a Christian. I am also a wife and mother. My husband and I met in high school and have been together for more than 20 years. Our son is soon to be 14 and is an 8th grader. I have served as an educator and mentor for more than 17 years now. My passion is writing, teaching reading, writing and grammar.

I am the founder of Hope-in-Christ Ministries. It consists of the Hope-in-Christ Book Club, the Hope-in-Christ w/Denise podcast, and the Hope-in-Christ blog. I am also the owner of Armor of Hope Writing and Publishing Services, LLC. Through my business, I proofread and edit. I am a writing coach and Christian and children’s literature promoter. I also publish my own works under Armor of Hope. I am also the founder and director of Project H.O.P.E. Youth Institute. Through this ministry, I host another podcast, “Building Literacy and True Identity.” I teach and mentor virtually and hold face-to-face workshops. My focus is building literacy and helping youth understand that their true identity is found in Jesus Christ.

My first book is a youth journal, “Re-Presenting God: Taking a Healthy Look at the Holy One of Israel.” I wrote it to assist with building biblical literacy. It is written like an English language arts textbook. It teaches the youth to break down the scriptures and come to an understanding of the deity of Christ for themselves. I have also written in two anthologies, women’s inspiration. I will release my very first youth novel at the end of January 2018. It addresses child abuse and other topics that will be used as a mentoring tool for teen girls.


What do you love most about what you do?

I get to assist in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I get to help others walk out their purpose.

When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

I didn’t know that I would become a writer; God showed me. I have been writing in journals for many years. I also used to write a lot in college. I now understand why I loved my children’s literature class so much, but I never thought that I would publish a book. I just obeyed what God placed in my heart.

What do you do in your free time?

Well, when there is free time, I listen to audiobooks, read digital or paperback books. I also hang out with my son and husband or close friends.

Favorite book: Too many to only pick one

Favorite music: Contemporary Christian, gospel, and old school R&B

I’d love to________________ because________________:

I’d love to work from home full time because it would be more flexible.

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Author’s Bio:

Denise Walker is a wife, mother, middle school educator, author, and mentor. She is the founder of the Hope-in-Christ Book Club, blog, and podcast (Hope in Christ w/Denise)  ministry. She is the owner and operator of Armor of Hope Writing and Publishing Services, and Project H.O.P.E. Youth Institute. She is also the host of “Building Literacy and True Identity” podcast. Denise loves to write, edit, and promoting Christian and children’s literature.

Places to connect with Denise:

Author Website

Ministry Website

Business Website


Hope-In-Christ FB Book Club

Hope-In-Christ FB Ministreis

Amazon for Re-Presenting God

Denise and I look forward to your comments.




Her Good Girl, a coming-of-age suspense novel of a whole family, is releasing on January 22nd. It’s on Pre-Order for only 99 cents (bargain!): On Amazon 

Here’s an excerpt:


 Her Good Girl by Elaine Stock 




Finally. After hours under her watch, I’m sitting solo on the front porch. It’s a little bit after three in the morning and all’s quiet. The birds aren’t yet doing their chirpy choir thing, though they will shortly fill the muggy June air with song. But my heart is pounding. Goosebumps pock my arms. Sweat sluices down my back. My belly is rock ‘n’ rolling to an obnoxious beat. I rub at the floppy waves, but the sensation becomes wicked. Am I about to puke? This scares me more and I spring to my feet. Too fast. Black dots explode before my eyes. I cling to the railing in hope this passes faster than one of Tara-Lynn’s moods. I’m so sick of the unknown.

Sick. Sick. Sick. That’s the worst word in my vocabulary.

But, that’s what I am. Sick. So, she says.

Chill, I order myself and slump back onto the step. Focus on feeling better, graduating high school, and getting out of these wacked West Virginia hills as fast as possible.

It’s now that counts, right? Live in the moment, and all that nonsense. No one is shoving medications down my throat. No one is making me eat certain foods that spike my heart rate or send me running into the bathroom every ten minutes. Tara-Lynn—no way am I calling her Mom—asleep in her cellar recliner, will find me soon enough, whether it’s sitting here on the front porch or elsewhere. She always does.

Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out, slowly. Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out, slowly. Feel each muscle relax. Let peace in.

That’s the garbage the school nurse instructed me to do a few years ago when I suffered my first breathing attack—her choice of words. I Googled my symptoms to discover I most likely experienced a panic attack. Whatever. Sometimes the breathing exercise works. Often, not.

My tangled body stays tense. I’m not only disobedient to Tara-Lynn, but also to myself.

Bad girl. The reprimand ricochets in my mind. Another one follows. And bad girls need fixing.

I grope for the cross around my neck. Silly me. I’d quit wearing that old thing months ago. Belief in a big God in heaven watching out for us down here may work for others, but not me. At least not anymore, not when my SOS prayers come back flopping in my face like they’d been stamped with a big fat REJECTED across them. A wallop of a curse stabs my tongue, but I swallow it back when I think of Grandma. She’s the one person I don’t want to disappoint.

The front door opens. Daddy—plain old Adam to everyone else—steps outside. In one hand, he holds a knapsack that I know is crammed with caving gear like emergency first-aid stuff, food, batteries, and dry clothes. In his other hand, he grips a new set of ropes he’ll use to descend and then ascend in the caves. Though I’ve watched him leave for these explorations one too many times, my insides turn cold. Maybe colder than those underground passages that Daddy crawls through in sheer joy. I shove my hands under my legs to stop the shaking. My gaze strays to the near woods that crowd the east side of the property then to my bare bony knees peeking out from my jean shorts.

“Hey, Kit Kat. What are you up to this time of morning?”

He may have used his pet name for me yet I can’t read his attitude since his tone is not gruff, but it’s sure not happy either. I look into his eyes. “Waiting for you.” And that’s the truth.

He purses his lips.

Nervous, I further open the gate to my thoughts and let words rush out, right or wrong. “You know, sometimes I’m unsure whether I wait for you to stay or leave.”

Daddy plops the ropes and knapsack onto the porch floor. The equipment clanks and rattles inside as if alive and itching to begin a new exploration. My heart leaps an extra beat, but I tamp down my hopes. He won’t stay. He never does. His leaving stirs up a lot of trouble between him and Tara-Lynn. So much stress that it seems like after each of his caving trips she hovers over me more, eyeballing every move I make. One cough or sneeze propels her into nursing me back to health even if I feel fine.


21 comments to Denise M. Walker Speaks Up!

  • Denise, I can’t believe all the things you do or are connected with! I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it all. God bless you in all the areas your words touch people.

  • I enjoyed getting to know Denise! She is one busy person.

  • Karen and Elaine,
    I can’t believe it either. I often stop to say, “Wow God! Supernatural strength!” Thank you ladies! Blessings to you!

  • Patricia,
    Thank you! Sometimes I have to just stop and rest. God is amazing!

  • Marilyn R

    It was nice getting to know Denise M. Walker. Wow, she’s one go getter with so many accomplishments with all being Christian based. God has signed His favor upon her. Denise’s upcoming youth novel will be a great asset to the teen girls that have suffer abuse. Blessings upon you both with your writings.

  • Vivian Furbay

    You are one busy lady. Would like to read and maybe win Hannah” Hope. God bless you.

  • Denise Walker

    Thank you! It’s God’s supernatural power! I often wonder myself.

  • Marilyn,
    Wow, thank you! He is so amazing to me. Hannah’s Hope is based on my personal experience. I just changed it around. It has been a journey. I love every moment of it. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  • Vivian,
    That is awesome! Thank you! Yes, I am very busy. I know that my heart is being pulled more and more in the direction of writing, assisting with writing, and mentoring for Christ. I will eventually retire my services in the field of education. I would love for you to read Hannah’s Hope. I pray that it will bless many young ladies.

  • Sheila Holmes

    Reading about Denise at first made me wonder, “Ok, Denise, so what do you do with all your FREE TIME??!!! Ha! Ha! Seriously though, I am honored to have you as my sister in Christ. Her bio is inspiring, but the fact that your heart is motivated by her relationship with Jesus just thrills my soul. Blessings to Denise. May the Lord prosper your endeavors!

    • elaineadmin

      Lovely and inspiring words, Sheila. Thank you. I just love this blog: here I am, hoping my guests will uplift my viewers and so often my viewers uplift my heart and my guest’s. What a blessing 💗

  • KayM

    Denise sounds like an amazing woman, who is living out her life following God’s direction. I loved reading about her different areas of ministry. It’s especially fascinating to me, since I am a retired, public high school teacher. So often, I would think of a particular student and say to myself that without God, he will never make it in life. Thank you, Denise, for all you are doing. Blessings…

  • elaineadmin

    It’s been another uplifting week on Everyone’s Story and I have my lovely guest, author and ministry leader, Denise M. Walker, to thank heartily. Denise, you’ve personally have (re)encouraged me that in following where He leads, I will not grow weary. Thank you so much for this boost in spirit I needed.

    Thanks too for your awesome BookGiveaway to 2 blessed winners. And they are…

    Vivian and Marilyn. Congrats, you two!! Both Denise and I will contact you shortly via direct email.

    Blessings to all.

  • Denise Walker

    Thank you so much for the encouragement!! I pray that my ministry will reach and minister to others. I often get that nudge to take a break. I spend time with my husband and son, read a good book, or watch a good movie.

  • Denise Walker

    That is amazing! I have considered teaching high school English. However, my heart is now toward getting out and teaching our youth that there is no HOPE outside of Christ. As a mentor for many years, God placed these words on my heart many times. I say those same words in my middle school English classroom. Now, he has called me to start writing, teaching, and hosting workshops to draw them to Christ.

  • Denise Walker

    Congrats Vivian and Marilyn!! I pray that you will enjoy them!! Please pass them on to a youth when your done!! Love you all!!

    Project H.O.P.E.
    “My True Identity is in Christ”

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