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Everyone’s Story is Excited–with a capital E–to welcome fiction advocate, InD’tale Magazine! publisher and friend, TJ Mackay. I first was introduced to TJ while reading a Seekerville Blog feature and am I ever thankful. Not only did I win a full page ad in InD’tale, but also my novel Always With You was reviewed, and I have a featured article appearing in the February Valentine issue, but I must emphasize that TJ is a sweet, personable woman who really believes in the power of story and giving authors opportunities they might not have had otherwise. And Ho Ho Ho!! Check out TJ’s amazing Giveaway for 2 blessed author winners, as well as my BookGiveaway offer to readers. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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The Story Behind InD’tale Magazine by TJ Mackay

Hey everyone! I am excited to sit down and chat with you for a few minutes about what an amazing journey founding, developing and watching InD’tale Magazine grow from a single idea to a worldwide publication has been.

In a nutshell, I think this journey has been a mix of the perfect storm directed by God’s amazing grace. It began in 2011 as I was working from my home as the Special Features editor of a national publishing magazine. I absolutely loved the work but was very frustrated with the way mainstream publishing was headed – especially in my preferred genre of romance. It seemed that every book I picked was suddenly full of sex. Now while we all know sex in romance books is nothing new, what was new and most disturbing was how hard it was becoming to find books that didn’t include it. And, there was absolutely no way to know what a reader was getting into until they spent the money for the book and started reading. I can’t tell you how many books I purchased only to find they were NOT what I wanted to read!


It seems I wasn’t the only feeling this way. More and more “clean” authors began contacting me asking if I would help them because publishers wouldn’t even look at their books unless they had the requisite 2.5 sex scenes deemed necessary to sell. This just happened to be at the same time the publishing industry was beginning to ride the Kindle/Nook/E-book/Amazon phenomenon.

I will never the phone call that changed my life. A dear friend had just become the very first self-published romance author to make the New York Times bestsellers list. In the midst of all the squealing she said, “This is going to be HUGE! You should start a magazine for all the indie-published authors and readers out there who need a platform for success! Well, the seed was planted. I decided I would create a magazine that would help all the authors who, through no fault of their own except they weren’t fitting into the correct “box”, find success.   AND, the books in that magazine would include a steam rating so people could determine how must sex was in a book before they had to buy it!

Looking back, I am absolutely amazed at what one can accomplish when they are too stupid to know any better.


I have learned beyond any shadow of doubt that God’s grace is great and that he truly does take an interest and direct us when we endeavor to do good. This journey has been nothing short of a succession of small miracles combined with more work than I ever imagined – prayer so desperate it’s scary at times and an overall sincere desire to bless and help others.

Sounds silly to some and we have had more scoffers than I care to list. Those from mainstream who are disgusted because we refuse to review erotica and scoff at the idea that I and the staff at InD’tale work in large part without payment (truly!) On the opposite side, many in the Christian world doubt because we allow books that have content that isn’t Christian and covers that may have bare-chested men on them (Yep, it’s true!)


But, the whole point of InD’tale magazine was to help ALL people find better books. And, all people are not on the same level. Jesus, our greatest example of all, didn’t sit with only the pious, he got out and worked to help everyone while continually encouraging them to find better. That’s the example I so want to emulate.

So, no matter your situation, whatever your dream, go out there and work to achieve it! I am the perfect example of the fact that you don’t have to be an expert to find success. You just have to have a sincere desire, a lot of faith and a willingness to work hard. I love the saying “Get on your knees and pray – then stand up and get to work”—the very BEST formula for making your perfect storm happen!


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Author’s Bio:

Founder/Publisher – InD’tale Magazine

            The publishing industry’s most trusted publication for independent and small published authors and readers. With top level interviews, cutting edge information and educational articles, along with professional book reviews, InD’tale brings the very best in publishing to anyone who loves to read. With worldwide distribution, InD’tale’s premier status was built on the high quality and professional yet personal interest Ms. Mackay is known and famous for.

Founder/Host – InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival

            Held in the fall of each year, InD’Scribe Con focuses on helping, supporting and nurturing authors at any stage of their career while allowing readers the rare opportunity to not only see but actually interact and spend time with their favorite authors. InD’Scribe does this by providing interactive workshops, panels and personal contact with top companies in publishing, as well as social events, signings and activities geared to enhance both the reading and writing experience.

Founder/CEO – RONE Awards

            The first ever awards strictly focussing on the Indie and small published world. Now dubbed, “The Oscars of Indie”, the RONE awards are not only the most prestigious award in the Indie industry but are also the most comprehensive awards in all of publishing today.

Places to connect with TJ:



InD’tale website

InD’tale Conference and Book Festival

TJ and I look forward to your comments.



Jacey and Zander’s story, And You Came Along, is now out!! 


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24 comments to TJ Mackay Speaks Up!

  • The article I liked most is the interview with Diana Galbaldon.

  • Elaine, I really enjoyed your interview with TJ Mackay. I leafed through the Dec/Jan issue of InD’tale. The article on Carla D. Bass caught my attention. As an author and teacher of writing myself, as well as a former Army wife, I was fascinated by her experiences. My husband was also in the Intelligence branch in the Army and was described by his commanding officers as “a gifted military writer” in one of his efficiency reports. My granddaughter does a lot of writing too. I think she would appreciate Carla’s book, Write to Influence. I plan to buy it for her. I would love to have an ad of my Alaskan Waters trilogy in InD’tale Magazine. By the way, I love that magazine title. It really captures what the magazine is all about.

    • elaineadmin

      AnnaLee, I’m so glad you enjoyed InD’tale! I always love learning new things about you and your husband–you’re both amazing–a good amazing!

      Christmas blessings, my friend.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words, AnnaLee! Carla was an INCREDIBLY interesting person to talk to! I could have sat and visited with her all day!

  • I enjoyed browsing through InD’tale. Very nice magazine. I can appreciate your “predicament” of being criticized from both ends. My thrillers, while clean, have received the same treatment–too secular for the Christian market and too Christian for the secular market. I liked the interview with Ms. Gabaldon and will go back to read the feature with Ms. Bass. I note that you started the magazine with the romance genre in mind, and the magazine is very much focused that way. Even the reviews section on suspense and thrillers seemed heavy on romantic suspense. Any intentions to expand further into other genres? I’m not sure my books would fit your readership well, but …

    • elaineadmin

      Braxton, nice to see you again. I’ll be curious to see what TJ says about suspense, although I believe she has some exciting events planned with suspense in mind. Do check back in a few days to see if she’s had a chance to respond.

      Christmas blessings.

    • Hi Braxton!
      You bring up a very important point. Although it may seem like we are all about romance, we really incorporate every genre and the books reviewed don’t have to be romance. They just have to have a romantic relationship thread somewhere in the storyline – it can be a small one. The challenge we face is that, while we truly do want books that aren’t strictly romance, that genre is so large in the industry (over 50% overall) that it naturally becomes very prevelant.

  • Jennifer Hibdon

    Loved the interview!!! What a mission God has given you! Thanx for the giveaways!!! I am a reader.

  • I don’t know how I’ve missed this wonderful magazine! And which article did I like best? It’s a tossup between the interview with Diane Gabaldon and…either the Christmas Story or the article on time travel. 🙂 Thanks, Elaine, for introducing me to an great magazine!

    • elaineadmin

      Pat, I felt the same way when I first read the Seekerville blog feature… so thankful for TJ’s dedication!!

      Christmas blessings, sweet friend.

    • Oh my goodness, thank you, Patricia! There is nothing better in the world than to hear that people enjoy the fruit of all our labors at InD’tale magazine! I would absolutely love it if you decided to read it every month! All you have to do is sign up and it is delivered directly to your inbox each month. And, it’s FREE! (Truly not trying to be an advertisement here but sincerely am excited that you might like it!)

  • Marilyn R

    Nice to know there’s a magazine for authors. Merry Christmas to all the authors from a avid reader.
    Elaine, “And You Came Along” is a beautiful novella to read this Christmas seaosn.

  • Tina Marie Young

    As a reader and aspiring writer I was so thrilled to find InD’tale Magazine and the beauty of people actually reaching out to Indie Authors and helping them succeed. I too felt we were losing the moral ground of the novel that intrigued, reached out, and inspired so many women that worked full-time or stayed home to help their children and be homemakers to their family. I found myself skipping over pages and pages, and even chapters to understand the point of the novel and the true story that always appealed to me and helped me to move forward and appreciate my life and give me courage to strive to be a better Mother, Wife, Friend, and Person. It’s so nice to pick up the InD’tale magazine and review the books before I spend hard earned money to read. I thank TJ and InD’tale Magazine, and all the staff that work so diligently to bring this forward to the Everyday House Wife. I’m so happy GOD found that light for your TJ…you have truly made a difference.

    • elaineadmin

      Tina, a big welcome to Everyone’s Story–happy you can join us this evening. I hope you’ll be back!

      I really appreciated your comments and totally agree with you. I’m looking forward to TJ’s response to your thoughts.

      Christmas blessings.

    • Thank you so very much, Tina! Your words inspire me to continue – even when the going gets hard! I SO hope we are able to help you and others like you find exactly the right books for you… and gives you some added insight into the amazing authors who write them!

  • elaineadmin

    Heartfelt and plentiful appreciation to my amazing guest, TJ Mackay of InD’tale Magazine. TJ, I applaud and thank you for your desire to not only help authors but to spread the word of novels that may not otherwise reach the attention of many readers 💗May you be blessed as much or more than you’ve blessed many.

    And thanks too for your generous Giveaways. Wow! You’re going to make two authors very happy!!

    The winners are:

    Pat B. of a full page ad in InD’tale.
    AnnaLee of a half page ad in InD’tale.
    Tina, who won my novella, And You Came Along.

    Christmas blessings to all.

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