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Everyone’s Story welcomes back Christian historical fiction author and dear friend, Kathleen Rouser. Kathy and I share the same agent and have clicked ever since. She’s they type of friend I feel as if I’ve known forever, but wished I really did know her since my childhood days… I’m so thankful I got to meet her in person a couple of years ago and look forward to another time, which I hope isn’t too far off. For now, please kick back with a cup of cocoa and enjoy her company. I hope you enjoy the interview and do check out her BookGiveaway offer of her newest release. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

**And exciting personal news to share: my novella, And You Came Along, is now available. Ho ho ho. Please check it out below Kathy’s feature.

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Questions for Kathleen Rouser

Which 3 words describe Kathleen Rouser, the woman?

Believer, wife, mom.

Which 3 words describe the type of fiction you write?

Hopeful, faith-filled, romantic.

Out of the novels you’ve written, which was the most demanding, emotionally, for you? Was there anything or anyone you channeled to prepare or did you just dive in?

I don’t know that I can say that one was more demanding than the others. Writing fiction, for me, and digging into characters’ lives always takes emotional energy. Perhaps Secrets and Wishes was more taxing because I wrote much of it under a deadline.

Prayer is important. When I’m stuck for how to give more depth to a character or plot, I go to the Lord for answers, for inspiration.


What’s been your biggest challenge in writing?

The discipline of it. I struggle with perfectionism and fearing what I write won’t be good enough, even though I’ve been published. Yet, a first draft will never be perfect. I have overcome it at times but feel I need to work at it to be more productive.

And the opposite: what’s the biggest perk in writing that makes you NOT want to walk away from the keyboard?

Once I’m in the flow of it I love being in the world of my story. It’s so much fun! There’s that goal of getting to the end of the story and looking back at what I’ve managed to accomplish with God’s help.

What type of books do you read for your own entertainment?

All kinds really. I enjoy the classics, romance—historical or contemporary, mystery, fantasy, and YA apocalyptic. I’ve been in a fiction phase for a long time, but also will pick up non-fiction when I need it.

What was the creepiest topic you’ve had to research? And, the one topic that took you most by surprise, delight wise?

Probably the creepiest thing I’ve had to research is about patent medicines at the end of the 19th century. Children became easily addicted and some died from overdoses of these so-called remedies because they were laced with dangerous opioids. Adults became addicted too. Also, learning how people were treated for overdoses at the time was not pleasant.

The most surprising delight wise came about as I researched homes for unwed mothers at the turn-of-the-century in Detroit. I discovered that Crittenton Hospital had been started as a mission for fallen women in Detroit around that time. I also found some books through interlibrary loan that provided a good amount of detail about how the Florence Crittenton homes were set up and run. In Rumors and Promises, the superintendent of the home in Detroit is Mary Hart, and yes, that was the real name of the woman in charge there. I was delighted at how it all fell into place and worked into my story in a way that made me sure God had provided.

What do you hope your life would be like in ten years from now?

Wow! That’s a hard question. I guess I’d say despite all my hopes and dreams I want to be at the center of the Lord’s will, doing what He’s given me to do.

Fast takes:

Favorite book: Pride and Prejudice (But there are many others right up there.)

Favorite music: Contemporary Christian, hymns, and Celtic

Favorite pastime: Hanging out with my hubby.

Country you’d love to visit: Italy

Cook or dine out: Depends on the day.

Scary movie or comedy: Comedy, definitely!

I’d love to________________ because________________:

I’d love to have one of my books made into a movie because it would be so cool to see it played out on the big screen.


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Author’s Bio:

Kathleen Rouser is the award-winning author of Rumors and Promises, her first novel about the people of fictional Stone Creek, Michigan, and the novella, The Pocket Watch. She is a longtime member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Kathleen has loved making up stories since she was a little girl and wanted to be a writer before she could even read. She longs to create characters who resonate with readers and realize the need for a transforming Savior in their everyday lives. She lives in Michigan with her hero and husband of 35 years, and the sassy tail-less cat who found a home in their empty nest.

Places to connect with Kathleen:




Secrets & Wishes

Rumors & Promises 

Kathleen and I look forward to your comments.



Jacey and Zander’s story, And You Came Along, is now out!! 


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  • Anne L. Rightler

    Thank you for sharing this interview. It’s always fun to learn about authors and their books!

  • KayM

    Elaine, thank you for introducing a new-to-me author. I do think I have a short story collection that includes a story by her, but I haven’t read it yet. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you both.

    • elaineadmin

      Kay, could the short story collection be Christmas Treasures: A Collection of Christmas Short Stories? Both Kathy and I were co-authors in that one, among other fine authors. Or, perhaps it’s one of her novella collections. Either or, with Kathy, it’s a great read 😊

      May you be blessed with a joyous Christmas as well, and a most peaceful New Year.

  • HI Anne, thank you for stopping by. I love connecting with new readers!

  • Ann Mock

    I love the cover of your book! It looks so good.

  • Janet Estridge

    Our church library readers are going to love this book.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win it.

    • elaineadmin

      Janet, I’d love to visit with your church readers! Maybe we can arrange that 😀

      You’re in Kathy’s Giveaway drawing.

      Christmas blessings.

  • Ann Ellison

    Enjoyed the interview with Kathy. Looking forward to reading Rumors and Promises.

  • Catherine Brakefield

    Kathy, you did a great interview. I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your next book!

  • Hi Kay, thanks for stopping by and thanks, Elaine for your kind words about my writing. I could
    say the same about yours. 🙂

  • Hi Ann Mock, thank you! I love the covers Heritage Beacon Fiction has done for me too.
    I’ve been blessed with some lovely covers.

  • Hi Janet, it’s so nice to hear about a church with a library. I was introduced to some great books through
    a church library years ago. I’m glad you entered the drawing.

  • Hello, Ann Ellison! So nice to see you here. Thank you for stopping by and entering the drawing.

  • Hi, Kathy and Elaine! So do appreciate you both! I’m just stopping by to see what you are doing and read the interview. Don’t place my name “in the bag” for your book. 🙂 I will be reading it. Have a good day tomorrow!

  • I have Kathy’s novella on my TBR list and can’t wait to read it. And I enjoyed learning more about her. Love your new questions. 🙂

    • elaineadmin

      Pat, it’s always a joy to see you 💕 I’m glad you like those interview questions… I try to change things up when I can manage time wise.

      Christmas blessings.

  • I definitely have a smile for Karen Campbell Prough reading my novel. Thank you, Karen. 🙂
    I appreciate you as well. Thank you so much for stopping by to read the interview and
    leaving a comment too!

  • Hi Patricia, thank you for stopping by. I hope you will enjoy the novella. So nice to connect with you here.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Cathy! So nice to see you here! I’m so glad you stopped by and am glad you enjoy my books.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Loved the interview! I always enjoy reading about other authors. And Elaine, I’m currently reading your new novella. Love those chance encounters that become a God-thing.

    • elaineadmin

      AnnaLee, I’m excited you enjoyed Kathy’s interview, and doubly excited about you enjoying And You Came Along.

      Merry Christmas, my friend 💕

  • Hello, AnnaLee, so glad you enjoyed the interview. I too am enjoying Elaine’s novella. Love the characterization.
    That Caleb is so sweet! 🙂

  • Marilyn R

    Nice to see Kathleen Rouser back on Everyone’s Story and learn more about her. I do not need to be included in the giveaway. I have read and reviewed Secrets and Promises along with Rumors and Promises. I loved reading these historical stories and encourage readers to read them in order. Blessings to both of you for a beautiful week and a blessed Christmas season.

  • Hello, I’m up early today (and do love your suggested cocoa) and am pleased to see this interview and get to know Kathleen a little.
    I do enjoy stories based on true historical events where God breathes hope into lives and situations, and Kathleen’s story sounds like a good one.

  • Beth Westcott

    I enjoy reading author interviews as I get to know the authors and what inspires or motivates them to write as they do. I’ve loved reading since preschool. My mother would read certain books over and over and I would memorize them. I still have some of those books. I’m hoping to read both Elaine and Kathy’s books soon.

    • elaineadmin

      Beth, I’m smiling, big time. First, thanks for sharing the lovely memory of your mom reading to you and you memorizing them. Wow! What a dear mother, and what a memory you have!! My own mother made a delightful fuss over me getting my first library card at the age of 5–a true rite of passage. Ever since I remember she always had a book in her hand and definitely passed on her love of reading to my brother and me. Second, thanks for the smile regarding you wanting to read both my and Kathy’s novels. Enjoy. I hope you’ll get back to me on what you think.

      Christmas blessings.

  • KayM

    Elaine, yes the book I mentioned above is the one you co-authored, Christmas Treasures. Apparently, I have lost it, or probably accidentally deleted it. I was trying to find it and it has disappeared.

    • elaineadmin

      Ah, Christmas Treasures. My short story was The Forever Christmas Gift. I hope you find it again… it is currently on sale on Amazon… still going gangbusters, too. Praise God!

  • Hi Marilyn! Always lovely to “run into” you on any blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking
    time to read the interview. I’m so happy you enjoyed my books. It encourages me to keep writing
    and sharing stories, praying the Lord will use them to continue to touch others.

  • Hello, Delores, so nice to connect with you here. Thank you for stopping by Elaine’s blog today. I hope
    my stories come across as you described. That’s certainly one of my goals. Merry Christmas!

  • Great interview. Kathleen, I like the fact that you pray about your writing when you’re stuck. I’ve found myself in that spot many times. I wish you the best with “Secrets and Wishes.”

  • Hi Beth, thank you for stopping by. I enjoy connecting with potential readers. I loved your story about your memorizing the books your mom would read to you. I had one in particular I remember memorizing called My Own Little House and would “read” it to anyone who would listen! I couldn’t wait until I actually learned how to read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Vickie, thank you for your good wishes for Secrets and Wishes. I hope that many people will be blessed by this story that is special to me. And I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. I’m so thankful for God’s guidance for my writing. Since He has given me this work to do, I know I need His help and grace every day. Thanks for sharing your dependence on Him, as well. A blessed Christmas to you!

  • elaineadmin

    Another great week has ended on Everyone’s Story, and although another one’s about to begin, I must send super thanks to my lovely guest and dear friend, Kathleen Rouser. Kathy, it’s always a joy to host you. May you and your writing be blessed. Thanks too for your BookGiveaway! And the winner of Secrets and Wishes is…

    Catherine B. Congratulations, Catherine. Both Kathy and I will contact you via direct email.

    Christmas blessings to all

  • Thank you, Elaine, for having me on Everyone’s Story. It’s always a lot of fun. A blessed Christmas
    to you and Wally! <3

  • I hope you will find Christmas Treasures again, Kay. My story, “Special Assignement” is in there and I still
    think those characters need a longer story one of these days!

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