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Everyone’s Story welcomes back author and friend Norma Budden. Norma may live in Arctic Canada, but her heart is a warm and caring one, loving and helpful to family, friends, readers, and fellow authors. Patient in fielding my tons of questions and there for me in support, she’s been a true godsend! I’m honored to have her back on my blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

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A Book Highlight:

Norma, a prolific author, has chosen to highlight her novel An Affair to Remember. This will not be a BookGiveaway, but here’s the link on Amazon… and it’s only $2.99! An Affair to Remember is the first book of Norma’s Christian fiction “Freedom in Love” series. One Amazon review says about this novel: “It deals with the hearts of people and what happens when married people who intend to remain faithful to their partners are put in unpredictable and unanticipated situations under terrible stress within and without. Budden deals with this theme compassionately without compromising her own Christian values.”

Blurb of An Affair to Remember:

Monica Townsend enjoyed living the quiet life of a book editor – but, from the moment she stepped through her office door one evening, everything changed. Kidnapped at gunpoint, she was held hostage at an abandoned warehouse, praying her life would be spared as shots rang through the air.

Police Officer, Chase Travers, was on duty when the call came in. Being the first officer at the scene, he didn’t anticipate the sight awaiting him – three dead men sprawled on the warehouse floor. Upon further inspection of the premises, he discovered a barely conscious Monica Townsend and stayed by her side until the paramedics arrived.

In the hospital later that evening, supposed to be returning home to his wife and two sons, Chase felt prompted to stay at Monica’s bedside to ensure her safety. In the still of the night, a gunshot rang out in the hospital corridor. 

Chase and Monica escape and begin running for their lives, but they face an even bigger challenge as they battle an attraction to each other which intensifies as each hour passes. Will they be able to withstand temptation or, in the heat of the moment, after one devastating phone call, will they give in, changing their lives forever?


Questions for Norma Budden:

Which 3 words describe Norma Budden, the woman?

I asked one of the people who probably knows me better than anyone what three words he would use to describe me. These are his words:

as a woman: resilient, compassionate and a dreamer

as an author: profound, a visionary and a realist

Which 3 words describe the type of fiction you write?

Christian romantic suspense


Out of the numerous novels you’ve written, which was the most demanding, emotionally, for you? Was there anything or anyone you channeled to prepare or did you just dive in?

I have to be careful lest you see the tears in my eyes, hear the quiver in my voice as I answer your question. All of my stories have been emotional for me, on some level, but Coming Unglued: A Mother’s Journey into Hell would have to be the one story that I wanted to walk away from … so – many – times.

To be honest, I was tired of crying. Tired of feeling like I was the one living in Hell. I was drowning in misery and sorrow, yet still had to find the strength and energy to work at the day job and put a smile on my face for my family. It was a nightmare. At one point, I had to set it aside for a few weeks to get my life back but then the urgency set in and I knew, without a doubt, God would give me the strength to finish it. I know without a doubt I could never have done it on my own.

As a side note: I had wanted to go back to it and journalize my thoughts as I read the story, but I never found the strength to do it until August, 2017. The story wasn’t as dark as I had supposed, but I was still drawn into the pages … still had to cry, still had to put the book down for a few minutes before so I could pick it up and continue reading.

So many people have been helped by Coming Unglued that every tear I shed was worth it, every memory relived. This is not my personal story, though my life has not been exempt of terrifying challenges. This is, however, a compilation of the stories I’ve been told by others who have endured abusive relationships.

What’s been your biggest challenge in writing?

Time. Life is too busy – too many responsibilities, obligations and distractions which doesn’t give the dreamer in me the time required in a day to pursue my dreams the way I would like.

And the opposite: what’s the biggest perk in writing that makes you NOT want to walk away from the keyboard?

My characters have become my friends and I want to see what they are up to these days. As other characters introduce themselves, I become fascinated – wondering what type of people they are, what their back story is, and so on. It is a wonderful aspect of my life.

What type of books do you read for your own entertainment?

Mystery suspense, Christian romantic suspense. I have been known to go outside of these genres but they are my preference.

What was the creepiest topic you’ve had to research? And, the one topic that took you most by surprise, delight-wise?

My books are largely based on events which happen to people and the ensuing drama and emotions involved so there is not a lot of research which goes into my stories, in terms of digging in and researching dozens of articles.

However, the subject which took me by surprise (and turned out to be enjoyable) was in If Only when the father and daughter communicated in a way I never imagined they would at the onset of the story.

What do you hope your life would be like in ten years from now?

That’s easy. I would love to be living in my dream house by the water and trees with enough rooms to accommodate friends and family who come to visit. I’d like to be taking road trips to meet and greet, in person, the avid readers and fans who have stood by my writing throughout the years.

Here’s something about me many don’t know: I’d love to stay young forever because I’ll always be a child at heart. Living this lifestyle would definitely keep me happy as I help others to be happy!

Norma’s Ah-hahs To Tweet:

Visit @NormaBudden, Arctic Canadian resident, Christian Romantic Suspense author. (Tweet This)

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Enjoy author interviews? Visit with @NormaBudden on Everyone’s Story. (Tweet This)

Author’s Bio:

Norma Budden is a Canadian author and Administration Manager who has worked in the isolated arctic for 25 years. She has had her share of challenges, yet she has met many wonderful people and made equally wonderful memories during her time in Arctic Canada. However, something shifted in 2016 when her oldest daughter took her two children and went away to college in Manitoba where they would be for a minimum of 3 years.

Since that time, her greatest dreams in this life have become equally divided between becoming a full-time writer, meeting her readership at book signings, and living in close proximity to those closest to her heart. She has grown tired of spending special occasions and holidays with her family and dearest friends scattered across Canada and the United States.

“There’s a restlessness in her spirit, an urgency to live life as if there was no tomorrow. There’s a change coming – a big one,” Norma assures. “I don’t know when, or where I’ll end up, but life won’t stay this way forever. It could turn out to be something like, ‘Now you see me, now you don’t.’”

Until that time, you’ll continue to find Norma working in Arctic Canada, spending time with the family who is still home, as she finds stolen moments to pen the stories which write themselves upon her heart.

Places to connect with Norma:


Book Review Site




Amazon Page

Norma and I look forward to your comments.


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18 comments to Norma Budden Speaks Out!

  • Elaine, thanks for introducing me to a new-to-me author. I enjoyed reading her responses to your questions. Living in Artic Canada must be very interesting!

    • elaineadmin

      I’m glad you enjoyed Norma’s feature. Yes, where she lives intrigues me as well, though it’s so cold and windy here right now that I feel as if I’m too in Arctic Canada! Have the wood stoves going, in which the neighbor’s cat is curled up by it in my husband’s shop 😊

      • It is definitely an interesting place to live. I’ve even considered writing a non-fiction book about living up here over the past 25 years with different subjects discussed in each chapter, as opposed to a book written in chronological order. It would have it’s share of humorous yet jaw-dropping moments.

        • elaineadmin

          Well, I for one, would love to read such a book especially if it were written by you!

          • Elaine, the best thing about such a book is that it could be picked up and worked on at any time, whenever the mood strikes, unlike a fiction story which takes hold and doesn’t let me go. Should I ever write such a book, I just might have to get you to feature it here. 🙂

          • elaineadmin

            Oh, definitely let me know. You have an open invitation, Norma! I’ve featured a few non-fiction authors. As long as the content is uplifting, I’m game!

  • Karen C. Prough

    Hmm, I freeze even in Florida! 🙂 I’d like to visit the cold land, but come back to where it does get in the 90’s. I need warmth! But I did live in upper Michigan, when I was younger. That was cold enough. I have not read anything by this author. Sounds like an interesting read.

    • elaineadmin

      Karen, it was so cold and blustery here today that I’d settle for 60-65 or 70 degrees year round. I hope Norma will share with us whether the Arctic environment had shaped any of her stories and characters… wished I’d asked that in her interview!

      • To answer your question, Elaine, living in the arctic hasn’t shaped my writing. When I sit to write, I try to escape the isolated arctic by taking my mind to places where I’ve traveled in the past. There are a fair number of roads trips which my family and I have taken, for example, which my characters end up taking, too. However, the circumstances are completely different.

        Karen, I cannot fathom being cold in Florida. I’ve been there twice (April 2015 and April 2017) but only for a few days each time. I will admit, though, that my second trip didn’t feel as hot as my first trip.:) As for An Affair to Remember, it is the first of five books published in my Freedom in Love series. You can learn more by visiting my website:

  • KayM

    Norma Budden is a new author to me. Norma, you sound like a very interesting person and a passionate writer. Elaine and Norma, thank you both for sharing this post.

    • elaineadmin

      Kay, thanks for your visit. I’m glad you enjoyed Norma’s feature.

    • KayM, I’m sorry that I missed your comment until now. I definitely have passion for my stories, for life in general. As for being interesting, let’s just say I often surprise myself so there’s rarely a dull moment. 🙂

      Thanks so much for visiting and taking time to leave a comment.

  • Becky Smith

    Thanks for introducing me to another new author! Her book An Affair to Remember sounds really good, and I LOVE the cover! Adding it to my list to read.

    • elaineadmin

      Becky, so nice to see you 😊 Knowing Norma, she’ll be quite happy to hear your thoughts about the book cover for An Affair to Remember.

    • Becky, thanks so much for your comments about my book cover. It’s not the initial cover for the book but it will be the final cover as long as I have any say over it. When branding my Freedom in Love series during the spring and summer of 2017 so that all of the covers in the series looked like they “belonged” together, I searched long and hard before I found the perfect cover. I actually jumped out of my chair when I saw it at Self Pub Book Covers. Should you wish to read the story, I’m sure you’ll want to read what happens after – and there are four other books published in the series, to date. 🙂

  • elaineadmin

    A big thank you to my awesome guest, author Norma Budden. Norma, thanks for sharing your heart with my lovely viewers. I hope this week has blessed you with more eager readers. I also hope you’ll be back for another visit!

    Blessings to all.

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