Bethany Turner Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes former bank manager turned inspirational author, Bethany Turner. Bethany’s newest release is a romantic comedy, The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck, which I won a print copy from a Goodreads Book Giveaway–I have two more books to read from my TBR mountain and then will be turning the pages on Bethany’s novel that […]

Cynthia Roemer Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes inspirational author Cynthia Roemer. Cynthia and I met online in all things writerly and I’m thrilled she’s my guest this week. I’m also excited to learn that he debut novel, Under this Same Sky (don’t you just love that title!) is book 1 of the Prairie Sky Series. I hope you’ll enjoy a […]

Norma Budden Speaks Out!

Everyone’s Story welcomes back author and friend Norma Budden. Norma may live in Arctic Canada, but her heart is a warm and caring one, loving and helpful to family, friends, readers, and fellow authors. Patient in fielding my tons of questions and there for me in support, she’s been a true godsend! I’m honored to have […]

Special Edition: Winter’s Kiss

This is a special edition of Everyone’s Story and I’m excited to share it with my lovely viewers. I’m honored and grateful to have been asked to participate with the five other authors of the Winter’s Kiss novella collection: Tanya Eavenson, Laura V. Hilton, Liwen Y. Ho, Ginger Solomon, and Carole Towriss. Each of these lovely […]