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Everyone’s Story fondly welcomes back a very lovely woman and a stirring historical fiction author, Karen Campbell Prough. I’ve enjoyed a great phone conversation with Karen and hope to one day meet her!! For now, this week, we’ll all have a chance to sit back and enjoy the words Karen has chosen to speak up on. Also, check out Karen’s very generous BookGiveaway for 3, yes 3, lucky winners. We look forward to hearing from you!




Ella Dessa


Karen is offering 3 randomly chosen commenters  their choice of 1 of Karen’s novels, either print or ebook (outside of US ebook only). The winner will be announced between 6-7 PM EST on October 27th.

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       Your Words Aren’t Shocking

          By Karen Campbell Prough


Every person who has ever lived, or is now walking this earth, has a story to tell. Most of those stories will never be told, but every story voiced holds bits and pieces of someone else’s life.

Think about it. It’s true.

The glorious heights of human feelings or the deepest, dark secrets of a single person are not limited to only one life or to just a select group of individuals. We share emotions and a vast amount of experiences.

Writing fiction is like using snippets of everyone’s life here on this earth. Writers borrow from what is known to mankind, even when writing science fiction and other types of stories.

If you write fiction and include human experiences, your typed words don’t stand alone as a single revelation among millions of books. That might be hard to accept, but it’s true. It is what you do with those words that counts. General words of description and facts help build the background and storyline to your book. But with the unique style each writer uses … a new book is born to touch more lives.


A story about a forced abortion may clutch at the heart of more than one reader. The story dealing with an elderly couple, standing up to fight for the right to raise a grandchild, could be what your neighbor is experiencing. The broken heart of a young woman is not only one person’s experience. It can be a repeated sorrow in many books, but with different story lines. The parent sitting near the bedside of an unconscious child is not a shocking story to only a few people. The examples can be never-ending.

A writer needs to inject bits and pieces of themselves in their writing. That is what makes the message or story unique. A reader may not feel the same way a writer does, but the passion and vulnerability can be difficult to pull away from, while reading a good book. As we delve into a story, we automatically tie it to experiences we have gone through or know about.

That contributes to the strength of the emotional pull.

How many times have you started to tell a story at a party, or somewhere else, and someone interrupts and starts trying to get ahead of your storytelling. That same thing happens when a book causes a reader to remember a personal event matching a character’s experience. The reader’s mind connects with the emotion. They will not forget that part of the story.

That is what creates a bond between the reader and the writer. The response to a compelling emotion pulls a reader deeper into the story, making them connect and stay with your book until the end. They begin to feel for the characters and cheer them on through the rough times.

And the readers won’t forget your characters, because they seem so real. The reader will want to cheer for the downtrodden walking the pages of your story.

Give your characters more than a lovely reference—printed on smooth paper and encased between an attractive front and back cover. Give them true to life heartaches and joys. Bring them through the fire, so they can stand on mountaintops and hear the cheers from approving readers!

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Author’s Bio:

Karen Campbell Prough’s love of the 1800’s fuels her stories of a bygone era. She is the author of short stories and a three-book series, The Girl Called Ella Dessa, Within the Candle’s Glow, and With This Peace. She and her husband live in Florida, near the beautiful Peace River.

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Karen and I look forward to your comments.


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25 comments to Karen Campbell Prough Speaks Up!

  • Andrea Stephens

    Hi Elaine! Hi Karen!
    As a reader, I like it when characters seem real. I will admit to liking the occasional fluffy predictable, short story. I do find myself thinking about certain characters long after I’ve read the last page. Take Ella Dessa for example, we have been through so much with her. I often wonder where and how she is. Is she happy? How have the children grown up? It’s almost like they are long lost family members.

    *Do NOT enter my name in the giveaway* I have and LOVE all three Ella Dessa books! (I wish there was at least one more. Karen knows this, but I won’t be a pest) 🙂

    • elaineadmin

      Hi, Andrea 💗 I’m so happy for Karen that she has a devoted fan in you, and so happy for you that you adore her stories. Have a lovely weekend.

  • Thoughtful post. Glad to meet a new-to-me author and can’t wait to read her books.

  • Hi, Andrea! Guess what? There’s another book being written, and … there might be a chance to learn some updates on Ella Dessa! Thank you for reading my books and for stopping by to leave a comment! I’ll keep you informed, as the book gets close to being finished. The writing is keeping me up late at night, because the characters won’t let me rest! Ha.

  • KayM

    I haven’t read any of Karen’s books, but it sounds like she does the type of writing I would enjoy. Elaine, I just finished reading And You Came Along. One of the reasons I like it so much is because it was easy to identify and relate with the characters and their circumstances. I was definitely pulled in emotionally and otherwise.

    • elaineadmin

      Kay, thanks for visiting today. And super thanks for your sweet comments about my novella. I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😊 As Karen said in her blog feature, an author’s job is to try her best to pull the reader into the story emotionally so that she jumps into the story and tunes out the rest of the world. There’s a few novels I’ve read some years ago that still has me thinking about what and how the characters had experienced their world.

    • Kay, if you read one of my books, I do hope you’ll enjoy it. That’s the most important part of being a writer … having the reader like the story!

  • Marilyn R

    Great interview with Karen Campbell Prough. I enjoyed being thoroughly caught up in the lives of true to life characters and all the description of what is transferring around and in their minds. Blessings as you both continue to write stories for us readers.

  • Karen, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s so important to help the reader relate to the character and
    feel what they’re going through. You do a beautiful job of that in your writing. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks, Elaine, for giving Karen an opportunity to share such a lovely post on your blog.

  • elaineadmin

    Karen, thanks for making this past week on Everyone’s Story Lovely with a capital L. I always enjoy hosting you–can feel your warmth all these miles north of you 💗

    Thanks too for your awesome and most generous BookGiveaway… you’ll bring joy to 3 readers! And the 3 winners are:

    Kay M.
    Marilyn R.
    Kathy R.

    Congratulations you 3 and many Happy Reading wishes to you! Karen and I will be in direct contact with you shortly.

    Blessings to all.

  • Thanks so much, what a pleasant surprise. I will look forward to hearing from Karen.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you so much. A beautiful way to end an extra busy day. I’m blessed to be a winner.

  • Thank you, Elaine, for all you do for writers. It’s a blessing! And God bless your writing!

    • elaineadmin

      Thank you very much, Karen, for the kind words and blessings. They’re very much an encouragement to me. And may He continue to bless your writing and days as well.

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