Pepper Basham Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes inspirational fiction author Pepper Basham who I now want to so badly call… ahem… a certain beverage (you’ll have to read on–just love it!). I’ve met Pepper at both the Christian Fiction Readers Retreats I and II (CFRR) and wow, you should have seen the costumes she displayed.  I’m so glad Pepper’s here […]

Janet W. Ferguson Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes inspirational fiction author Janet W. Ferguson. I became acquainted with Janet first on Carrie Schmidt’s blog ReadingIsMySuperpower and experienced a “wow” factor when learning about her novels.  I’m so glad Janet accepted my invitation to appear as my guest this week! Take some time to check out what Janet speaks up about, […]

Megan Whitson Lee Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story warmly welcomes back author Megan Whitson Lee. Megan appeared here back in April  and I’m thrilled she’s back to share with us about her soon-to-be release novel, Dangerous To Know, and whether or not those good old days were really great or something we all may romanticize from time to time. Do check out the […]

Susan J. Reinhardt Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes back author Susan J. Reinhardt. Susan and I belong to the same literary agency, but also like many other authors and writerly friends, I’ve met Susan through the circles of social media and I’m so happy we did! This week Susan speaks up on God’s plan for us, even if we don’t initially […]

Ann Marie Bryan Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes Christian fiction author and founder of Victorious by Design, Ann Marie Bryan. I became acquainted with Ann Marie through the social media circles of all things writerly and I’m honored that Ann Marie has accepted my invitation to be my guest this week.  Ann Marie speaks up on why you […]