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Everyone’s Story welcomes fellow Elk Lake Publishing author Jann W. Martin. Jann responded to His calling to write Christian children’s books and has never looked back. Please check out Jann’s special BookGiveaway for 2 winners as well as her encouraging words. We’re both looking forward to hearing from you!

Although I’m taking another blog vacation and will not be hosting a different guest until August 18th, I’ll be monitoring Jann’s blog feature for any viewer’s comments. 



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Jann is offering 2 randomly chosen commenters  1 print edition of the children’s Christmas book of This Babe So Small. The winners will be announced between 6-7 PM EST on August 18th.

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With God’s Guidance by Jann W. Martin


Hello, thank you for giving me this time to share the story of how God has guided my life.

We had some tough financial times when our girls were young. That was when I felt led to tithe. We had always given what I felt we could afford. After that we put 10% in the offering and then paid the bills. Once I started tithing it seemed like our money stretched even further. I now know the benefit of making sure to give to God first. He always provides for our needs.

During a time, when I wasn’t relying on God as much as I should, I found a wallet. It had $20.02 in it. No pictures or ID. I put that $20 with a little I had in the checkbook and picked up some groceries. The change that I owed was two cents. I thanked God for His help.

Then a short time later, our pastor handed me an envelope and said that someone in the congregation wanted us to have a nice Christmas. The envelope had $500 in it. God truly provides for us when we rely on Him.


When our oldest daughter, April, was about two years old I was having some trouble with abdominal pain. The doctor told me I had to have surgery. From the tests he couldn’t be sure what the problem was. I was really scared that I had cancer. My mother had died from cancer when I was pregnant with our daughter.

The evening before my surgery I took a hot bath, then went to bed and cried. I told God that I just couldn’t handle this on my own. As I gave my fears over to Him I literally felt a weight being lifted off of me. After my surgery, I was told that I had endometriosis. It was easily treatable and that I had no cancer.

God put me on a new journey in 1996, when He called me to go back to school and become an Associate in Ministry. This began a whole new path. At one of my calls to service, God told me that I was going to write a Christmas book. My response was, “Right, I don’t know how to write for children, If You really want me to write it I need Your help.”

The following Christmas Eve, I read it to the children sitting with me, near the altar. After the service, several people asked where they could buy it. Saying it was the best story I had read yet. I answered “I’ll print you a copy if you’d like. I wrote it this year.”

The response was, “No you should get it published.”

I thought briefly about it then let it go. I had no idea how to go about getting a book published.

Evidently God had different ideas. This Babe So Small, the nativity told through the eyes of the innkeeper’s daughter, was published in 2007 and sold almost 2,000 copies that year.

In February 2016 at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, I signed with an agent, and publisher. By August I had a signed contract and published the first six books in Bible Characters Through the Ages. A series where two children build a time travel machine out of a refrigerator box and call it Yahweh’s Express. They travel back and meet the Bible characters and tell their stories through a child’s eyes. I also have a second series Bible Stories Through Time. With four cousins, named after our grandchildren. They will be telling the different stories through a child’s eyes. I also won third place for The Tapestry Award for my manuscript The First Easter. Michael meets Jesus and tells the Holy Week story.

Throughout my life I have felt God’s guidance. I have often felt the Spirit moving me in different directions. Each day I pray asking for His directions for the day.

How has God guided you and changed your life?

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Author’s Bio:

Jann W. Martin—author, teacher, speaker and blogger— Her dream is to capture the hearts of children, by writing stories that teach them of the Bible through the eyes of a child.

She has a B.A. from Michigan State University, Commissioned, Associate in Ministry from Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

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Jann and I look forward to your comments.



30 comments to Jann W. Martin Speaks Up!

  • Connie Saunders

    Thank you for sharing Jann’s post. I am thankful to learn about her book because I am always looking for faith-based books to share with my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter.

  • Sally Chambers

    Hi Jann, I enjoyed your post on Elaine’s wonderful blog this evening. Your sharing of God’s provision in answering you in your time of need and comforting you in your fear is heartwarming. Thank you, Elaine, for hosting Jann and letting us hear her story. I’d love to win a copy of what sounds like a book I’d love to gift my great granddaughters with this Christmas!

  • Thank you so much Sally. God has richly blessed me and helped me to write stories for His little children. I also have a series “Bible Characters Through the Ages,” available on Amazon, type Jann W. Martin in the search and all of my books will be there. I hope the girls love the book.

  • Ann Mock

    God has certainly worked in your life! I enjoyed reading your story of the ways he has lead you. I know my grandchildren would enjoy your books. You are such an inspiration!

  • Isn’t it amazing what God can do when we are willing for Him to use us? Thank you for an encouraging post! Can’t wait to get your books to read to my great-grandchildren!

  • Esther Bandy

    Elaine, thank you for hosting Jann Martin on your blog.
    Jann, thank you for sharing God’s faithfulness and for sharing how you began writing Christian books for children. I’m currently working on my first middle grade novel as well as my first picture book. I haven’t read any of your books yet but they sound very interesting and I look forward to reading them. Your Christmas book sounds wonderful. Thank you for offering a giveaway.

  • Marilyn R

    Thank you for the encouraging post, Jann. It’s amazing how God moves into our lives when we give our lives to Him. It’s nice to discover new Christian books for children.

  • What an encouragement! Thanks for sharing your writing journey with us! I love the idea of telling the nativity story through the eyes of innkeeper’s daughter. I’ll have to look into your book for my great nieces and nephews!

  • Anne L. Rightler

    Elaine, thank you for hosting Jann. I reviewed a couple of her books (Bible Characters Through the Ages) for Book Club Network about 18 mos ago and thought they were a ‘great start to a first-rate series’. It was interesting to put a face and background to the books. And it is always encouraging to see how God is at work in others’ lives, it helps to increase my faith. Continued blessings to you both!

  • elaineadmin

    I’n back from my latest blog-vacation and I thank my loyal–and new–viewers for wanting to see more of my guests. I’m blessed to have exciting guests booked into March of 2018 already!! And speaking of wonderful guests, a big thanks to author Jann W. Martin. Jann, I was thrilled to host you and hope these past couple of weeks has blessed you with more devoted fans. And thanks for the awesome BookGiveaway of This Babe So Small.

    The 2 winners of the beautiful children’s book are…

    Connie and Kelly. Congratulations!! Both Jann and I will contact you directly via email. Happy reading 😊

    Blessings to all,


  • Thank you for such a fun opportunity Elaine, May God bless, you.

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