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Everyone’s Story welcomes debut fiction author D.P. Cornelius, or as we’re invited to call him here, Doug. Doug has a passion to write stories for the YA, Young Adult, market with a highlight on different historical eras. This week he’ll share about The Baker’s Daughter, a novel set in World War II Germany, which is one of my favorite time eras to read about. Doug is also offering it as a generous BookGiveaway. We hope you will enjoy the interview and look forward to hearing from you!






Doug is offering 1 randomly chosen commenters  1 printed edition of The Baker’s Daughter. The winner will be announced between 6-7 PM EST on September 1st.

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Interview With D.P. Cornelius

Congratulations on your debut novel, The Baker’s Daughter. A Christian novel, what is the theme?

The over-riding theme is God’s unconditional love, and how if truly received and understood, it can embolden a person to personal sacrificial love.

As a novel, is this story intended to be more entertainment or to show a lesson?

I believe that if a person invests a few hours into a book, he or she should get some benefit other than entertainment. Obviously, not all authors ascribe to this theory. Putting myself into the reader’s mind, though, I would just as soon learn something while I’m at it.

What moves the story forward?

One of the main characters is a Nazi officer named Keppler who was once a believer but has forsaken God due to family tragedies and has elevated country to top priority. The central question is whether he will be redeemed by the baker’s daughter, Liddy.


Did you have trouble portraying Keppler as a prototypical Nazi officer?

I’ve depicted Keppler as more than the embodiment of evil. He is a former university music professor caught up in his own love for country, rejecting any Christian values he once had. Part of the intrigue is he forms a delicate bond with Liddy’s 8-year brother, Willy, helping him with his piano playing.

There are many novels set during the WW II time era. How is this story different from many others?

Unlike many others, this one takes place right in the center of Third Reich activities—Berlin. I tried to depict how a typical Christian German family must have struggled with certain moral issues while trying to keep the family bakery afloat. Air raids and spies are more added complications.

Why did you pull into the story noted Christian martyrs of the day, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Father Maximillian Kolbe?

I relished the opportunity to provide an example of the utmost form of sacrificial love. Bonhoeffer was hung as a traitor, and Kolbe gave up his life for another in a concentration camp.

Some reviewers have commented that the ending is a bit controversial. Any thoughts?

The ending was abrupt as I wanted the reader to focus on the symbolism of what transpired in regards to the characters’ changes, embodying both understanding God’s unconditional love, as well as the sacrificial love exhibited by the martyrs. I thought the abruptness made it more powerful than had I continued on with the life stories of the Christian characters.

This is your debut Christian novel. Have you identified this as your niche?

I’m attracted to the Christian historical fiction genre. I like to depict young adults reacting to an adult-driven world that hopefully appeals to all readers teen and above. I’ve released DaVinci’s Disciples for a slightly younger reader, and people are clamoring for a sequel to The Baker’s Daughter.

For fun, Doug, please share your quick responses:

My favorite pastime: Watching the Minnesota Twins or Vikings!

YA fiction vs. Adult fiction: YA as I’ve chosen that as the genre I write

Favorite novel: To Kill a Mockingbird

I (love or am challenged by) research: I love to research any post sixteenth-century history

Would love to visit this country: New Zealand

Time period hoping to explore in future books: I have a pre-civil war period book in mind

What I love most about this present time: What I love the most about the present time is how mankind has used    God-given talents to come up with life enhancing inventions

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Author’s Bio:

In his debut Christian novel, Doug Cornelius hopes to inspire young adults to reflect on God’s unconditional love while re-living history’s experiences confronting evil. A Twin Cities, Minnesota native, retired from careers at Target, Amex, and 3M, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two children, three amazing grandchildren, complacent old dog, and frolicsome new cat, Selah.

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Doug and I look forward to your comments.


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