Diana Brandmeyer Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes a long-time friend, the wonderful Diana Brandmeyer. To give you an idea exactly how long is long: the two of us met at an RWA conference at a Faith, Hope and Love chapter meeting and when I had trouble remembering her name she suggested that I think about (the then alive) Princess Diana. […]

Megan Whitson Lee Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes a good friend and gripping author (I’ve endorsed her soon-to-be release of Suburban Dangers, June 1st). What I like about Megan’s stories are that they mirror true life and gets you thinking. This week Megan speaks up on why women are naturally attracted to the bad boy and what can be done to prevent life-long consequences. […]

Elaine Stock Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes … uh, me, Elaine Stock. Though I’m grateful to be booked with guests into December, I want to take this time to share a few things about myself and my writing. I’ve asked a few people if they have any questions for me and I’m sharing those, along with a few Fast Takes. If anyone […]

Kelly Goshorn Speaks Up!

Everyone’s Story welcomes about-to-be debut author Kelly Goshorn. It’s always a pure joy to cheer along another author and I’m glad you’re joining us this week to encourage Kelly as she tries to encourage you. Kelly’s novel, A Love Restored, will be out this year and Kelly shares with you the angst behind writing this novel. Also […]