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Everyone’s Story welcomes back a most giving, gracious, and sweet friend, author Diana Cosby. Diana writes for the ABA general market and pens international bestselling Scottish medieval romantic suspense novels. I’ve had the honor of knowing Diana for several years now and love sharing her with my viewers. What’s admirable about Diana is that she seldom talks about herself (though I did get her to respond to an interview–do check it out!) but passionately advocates Habit for Humanity, as she shares with us this week. Diana also enjoys photography–below are 2 of her photos of birds. Leave a comment for a random drawing of her BookGiveaway. Diana and I are looking forward to chatting with you.

**Also, I’m pleased and honored to share some personal news with you. See below Diana’s blog feature**




Diana is offering 1 randomly chosen commenter 1 signed copy of His Woman, a Scottish historical novelThe winner will be announced here on Friday, February 17th between  5-6 PM EST.

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Romance Reader’s Build A Habitat For Humanity House of Love

By Diana Cosby

Romance readers are AMAZING! And, SO is Habitat For Humanity, a charity that I love supporting and volunteering for. So, I thought, why not pair the two and help a deserving family receive a home? And, the Diana Cosby’s Romance Reader’s Build A Habitat For Humanity House of Love fundraiser was born.

I contacted the Habitat For Humanity office in Grayson County, Texas, where I’ve had the honor of helping with several builds and spoke with Laurie Mealy, Executive Director. She embraced the project, and was thrilled at the thought of pairing romance readers, who love stories where heroes and heroines overcome challenges to make their dreams come true, with making the dream of home ownership for a deserving family a reality.

Goal: Fund an entire home – $55,000.

I kicked off the challenge by donating $200. As I write this, we’ve raised $9,160. Romance readers are amazing, and I have complete faith that as the stories they love, they will join together to raise the amount necessary to give a deserving family a home.

How it works:

As readers send donations to Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County for the ‘Diana Cosby’s Readers Build A House of Love,’ the total contributions are updated below the house graphic on the upper right side of the homepage. Donations can be sent via PayPal by ‘clicking’ on the house, which takes you to the donation page, or by mailing a check or money order to:

Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County

901 N. Grand Avenue

P.O. Box 2725

Sherman, TX 75091

**Please note on your donation: ‘For the Romance Readers Build A HFH House of Love.’

My sincere thanks to Elaine for inviting me to visit Everyone’s Story, and another thank you to everyone for helping make an incredible difference in a deserving family’s life. For when they walk into a Habitat For Humanity house, it’s more thank mortar and wood, but a place where they can call home.

God bless,

Diana Cosby, International Best-Selling Author

The Oath Trilogy

MacGruder Brother Series

Forbidden Series: Forbidden Legacy-#1/Forbidden Knight – June 6th, 2017


Questions for Diana Cosby:

Diana, my #1 description of you is “a caring soul.” What during your childhood or early adulthood prompted your reaching out to others?

I grew up with very simple means, which includes living in a home without running water during my youth. I understand the importance of what having a home makes in a family’s life, which is my motivation for volunteering for Habitat For Humanity, along with the reason that I help others when I can.

While you were in the navy you traveled to many countries. Please share some of your favorite places and why.

~I’ve been blessed to see and live in so many places in the world. Some of my favorite memories are:

-Alaska: I went to high school in Alaska and experienced earthquakes, watched the salmon run, worked at a riding stable, and loved watching the eagles.

-Maine: I had a blast snowshoeing, fishing, hiking and loved the great variety of seafood.

-Hawaii: I loved hiking, scuba diving, and hiking over the Kilauea volcano before it erupted.

-Guam: Loved scuba diving during the day, but with the crystal clear visibility, diving with a full moon illuminating the ocean, with bioluminescent animals glittering all around you, is a life experience.

-Morocco: I re-enlisted for my final tour in the Navy on the back of a camel in Tangier.

-Midway Island: While not on duty, I enjoyed my time as a DJ.

-Korea: My friend and I had an amazing time shopping; we enjoyed the magnificent architecture, and meeting so many fascinating people.

-Philippines: An amazing experience seeing the jungles, the wonderful food, super nice people, and riding in the jeepneys.

1 a Cardinal pine tree

What was your impetus for writing Scottish historical novels?

I owe my interest in the medieval times due to my living in Europe along with my love or being a huge medieval romance reader throughout my life. I started writing once I retired from the Navy, but once I saw Braveheart, I began moved my stories to the timeframe of Scotland’s fight for independence.



Do you have any plans or daydreams of writing contemporary novels or other genre stories?

I’d actually finished the rough draft of a contemporary romantic suspense, plus had almost finished an Inspirational Romance when I sold my first historical romance. I love writing in the medieval timeframe, so for now that’s where I’ll remain.

A few fast ones:

Favorite food indulgence: Chocolate.

Another country on your visit list: Scotland.

The top book on your TBR pile: Julie Garwood, “Sweet Talk.”

If you had tons of free time you’d learn this language: Gaelic.

A favorite pastime: Photography.

Favorite music: A tie between country and Celtic.

Three people from a time ago you’d love to chat with: Bishop Wishart, Robert Bruce, and Jacques de Molay, who was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar in 1307.

Diana’s Ah-hahs To Tweet:

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Author’s Bio:

A retired Navy Chief, Diana Cosby is an international bestselling author of Scottish medieval romantic suspense. Books in her award-winning MacGruder Brothers series have been translated in five languages. Diana has spoken at the Library of Congress, Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC, and appeared in Woman’s Day, on USA Today’s romance blog, “Happy Ever After,” MSN.com, Atlantic County Women Magazine, and Texoma Living Magazine.

After her career in the Navy, Diana dove into her passion – writing romance novels. With 34 moves behind her, she was anxious to create characters who reflected the amazing cultures and people she’s met throughout the world. After the release of the bestselling MacGruder Brothers series, The Oath Trilogy, and Forbidden Legacy, book #1 of The Forbidden Series, she is now working on book #2, Forbidden Knight which will be released in June 2017.

Diana looks forward to the years of writing ahead and meeting the amazing people who will share this journey.

Places to connect with Diana:




Amazon Page

Diana and I look forward to your comments.




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25 comments to Diana Cosby Speaks Up!

  • Diana, what a wonderful idea to combine your passion of building homes for others with your passion
    for writing! You are an inspiration!

    I only spent a week in Seoul and two weeks in Europe, but I am intrigued by the history and culture
    wherever I visit. What a blessing to have the opportunity for seeing and learning as much as you did.

    Thank you for serving.

    Elaine, another great post!

  • Kathleen,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog visit on Everyone’s Story, and for your kind words. Habitat For Humanity makes such a profound difference in so many lives. I’m honored to volunteer for such an amazing charity.

    🙂 Both Seoul and Europe are amazing on so many levels, and I’m so glad you had the opportunity to visit both. I agree, I tend to find the cultures as the history when I travel fascinating.

    My deepest thanks for your support to our troops. God bless, and I wish you the best.

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • Elaine,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for having me as a guest on Everyone’s Story. I’m honored by how romance readers are coming together to give a deserving family a Habitat For Humanity Home, and I wish to share my sincere thanks to everyone for their support. Take care and again, thank you for inviting me as your guest.
    God bless,

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • awesome interview , Diana you sure did visit many places ,love your books

  • Would love to visit some of the places Diana has! Great post. Looking forward to reading Diana’s books!

    • elaineadmin

      Me too, Pat. I can have my suitcase packed in just a couple of minutes 😉 Sigh. Well, the very next best thing is to open a great novel!! So glad you and Diana write them!

  • Sharon,
    I appreciate your stopping by, always wonderful seeing you. Elaine’s interview was a lot of fun. I’m thankful for the many places I’ve visited and lived, and appreciate your kind comments about my stories. Have a wonderful day! *Hugs*

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • Hi Patricia,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I assure you, I feel blessed by the amazing places I’ve visited and the incredible people I’ve met. I love writing my stories, and I hope you enjoy them as well. Take care, and have a terrific day.

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • Beautiful post, Diana!! Love your story and your determination to provide needy families a home of their own. You have a beautiful heart. I look forward to reading your work. I LOVE historical fiction. May God bless you in all that you do!

  • Hi Cindy,
    I appreciate your stopping by and for your kind words. Habitat For Humanity is an incredible charity that truly makes a difference in so many lives. Thank you, I sincerely hope you enjoy my stories. Take care, and I wish you the best. *Hugs*
    God bless,

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • I grew up in Alaska in the fifties and sixties, so it caught my attention that you went to high school there too. Where abouts? I write historical fiction set in Alaska. I also love Scottish historical fiction (I have a bit of scottish blood in my heritage), so your books sound interesting. Thank you for sharing about Habitat for Humanity. Our family participates in an annual run for Habitat. Love that ministry.

  • Hi AnnaLee,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I went to high school for a couple of years on Adak, which is one of the Aleutian Islands. I used to volunteer at the stable, and loved riding over the tundra. I also enjoyed fishing, watching the eagles, otters, and so much more. 🙂 That’s wonderful that you have a Scottish heritage. If you decide to check out my books, I sincerely hope you enjoy my stories. Thank you and your family for participating in the Habitat For Humanity annual run. *Hugs* Take care and I wish you the best.
    God bless,

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • Marilyn R

    Great interview with Diana. I enjoyed hearing about her traveling adventures. Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization.

    I’ve enjoyed mission trips to Romania, Hungary and El Salvado. Plus traveling to different areas in the U.S.A. I would like to go to Alaska some day if it’s in God’s plan for my life.

    • elaineadmin

      Marilyn, so glad you enjoyed Diana’s feature. Wow–never knew you did mission work… and have traveled to those countries. Would love to hear more!

  • Ann Mock

    Elaine you did a great blog on Diana! Diana’s books sounds so interesting and I love the fact that she has Scottish heritage. That makes a book so much richer when the author has a real connection with her story. Her role in Habitat for Humanity is such a blessing to all those who benefit from this program.
    Many blessings,
    Ann Mock

  • elaineadmin

    I love hosting each of my guests on Everyone’s Story… it’s as if they’re my personal houseguest for a whole week and I get to know them better. Plus, each time a viewer leaves a comment it’s also like having dinner guests joining my blog guest and me. Diana, it’s been a wonderful week spent with you. Do come back 💗

    And thanks for the lovely BookGiveaway. The winner of His Woman is…

    Sharon!!! Congratulations, Sharon. Enjoy! Both Diana and I will be in direct contact with you via email.

    Blessings to all.

  • Hi Marilyn R,
    I appreciate your stopping by. I agree, Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization. 🙂

    Your travel as well as your mission trips to Romania, Hungary and El Salvado sound fascinating. I bet the culture there is interesting. If you have the opportunity, Alaska is definitely worth visiting. There’s so many amazing things to see. Take care, and I wish you the very best.
    God bless,

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • Hi Ann,
    Thank you so much for visiting. I agree, Elaine’s questions were wonderful, and made the interview was fun. I’m passionate about Scottish history, and however much I’d love to say that I my ancestors are from Scotland,I’m unsure. I am a lifetime member of The National Trust For Scotland. Also, my father’s surname can be found in both England and Scotland, so I’m optimistic that maybe I am a wee bit Scottish. 🙂 I love writing my stories, and if you decide to try them, I sincerely hope you enjoy.

    In addition to the Romance Readers Build A Habitat For Humanity Home fundraiser, I’ve been blessed to help on several builds. You meet the most amazing people, and best, I love how the community comes together to help a deserving family achieve the dream of owning their own home. Take care, and I wish you the best.
    God bless,

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

  • Elaine,
    My sincere thanks for inviting me back to Everyone’s Story. An honor, and as always, I had a blast. *Hugs*

    CONGRATULATIONS, Sharon, on winning a signed copy of His Woman! I will contact you privately to make mailing arrangements. I sincerely hope you enjoy Duncan and Isabel’s story.

    A HUGE THANKS to everyone for stopping by. Habitat For Humanity is amazing charity, and I’m humbled by how romance readers are coming together to help give a deserving family their dream of a home. Take care, and I wish each of you the very best.
    God bless,

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.

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