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Everyone’s Story welcomes guest author Jodie Wolfe this week. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (so far cyber wise, but hopefully that will change!) the past few years since Jodie and I share the same wonderful agent (waving to Linda S. Glaz), as well as through the joys of blogging, tweeting and the ever-visual Facebook. 2016 has been a kind year to us both, seeing our debut novels make an appearance. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to see what Jodie shares with you and to encourage her to keep writing the stories you love. Also, do check out Jodie’s lovely BookGiveaway! We’re looking forward to chatting with you.







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Answered Prayer By Jodie Wolfe

Do you have a deep yearning that God has given you? It could be to do almost anything. I love the way God builds within us desires that line up with His will. It can be as simple (or complicated) as longing for a family of your own. Some might have a passion to be a song writer. Or perhaps your aspiration is to be a missionary or a doctor. It can be any number of a myriad of things since God created each of us different and unique. We all have a place and job in His kingdom here on earth. Don’t you love that?

We are to use our gift to point the way to Jesus. I love these verses from Matthew 5:14-16. “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (NIV)

In my new book, Love in the Seams, Mae Stafford longs for what her twin sister has—a husband and family of her own. Instead of dwelling on what she doesn’t have, she throws herself into her work as the local seamstress in Calder Springs, TX. Using the gifts God has given her, Mae designs and produces garments that are sewn in love.

I too have had a deep longing ever since I was a little girl…to be an author. It’s taken many years of writing with many rejections along the way. The path has been strewn with many ups and downs. Only this year, after many, many years of waiting have I finally started to see my dream come true.

God has opened doors with contests, two Indie novellas published in 2016, and also a signed contract for a novelette coming out in spring 2017. All I can say is, only God.

In the process of waiting, He has taught me many things. Most importantly is to keep my eyes on Him and trust Him to bring answered prayers about in His timing. He knows what is best for me. Even when things look the most dismal, I still can still find hope and peace in God.

My character, Mae Stafford, has things to learn as she waits on her dream too. Here’s the opening to my new book, Love in the Seams:

October 1875, Calder Springs, Texas

“Will you be my new mama?”

Mae Stafford startled at the small child standing beside her elbow and nearly dropped the garment she’d been sewing. She hadn’t heard the bell chime on the door to her dress shop. Golden strands slipped free of the single plait running down the girl’s back. “Why, I … ”

Nein, mein tochter.” A towering blond man placed a hand on the pixie’s shoulder. The gruff sounds of his language were somehow soothing.  “You’ll have to excuse my daughter.” His gaze didn’t quite meet Mae’s. “Sometimes she forgets—”

“But, Papa. She’s the lady we saw a few months ago with the beautiful white dress.”

Warmth flooded Mae’s cheeks, and she cleared her throat. “You must be thinking of my twin sister, Ellie. She, uh, got married in the beginning of summer.”

“What’s a twin?” Her nose wrinkled.

“It means that both my sister and I were born at the same time. We look alike, although not all twins do.” Mae refrained from touching the child’s shoulder.

The girl leaned against Mae’s leg and stared at her face. “Do you have a husband and children?”

I thought I’d part with a question: How has God answered your prayers?

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Author’s Bio:

Jodie Wolfe creates novels where hope and quirky meet. She’s been a semi-finalist and finalist in various writing contests and is a member of ACFW. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband in Pennsylvania, reading, walking, and being a Grammie.

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Jodie and I look forward to your comments.


33 comments to Jodie Wolfe: On Prayers Answered

  • Hi Jodie, So excited for you! Your stories are so good! How has God answered my prayers? Well just week I was told my publisher was closing. Although sad at first, I just knew God had a plan for me and for my book. I had peace that He was working behind the scenes for my good. Boy was He ever! Two days later I was told they weren’t closing but that the company was being bought by Pelican! God never ceases to amaze me!

  • What a wonderful encouraging post! And the book sounds wonderful too. You’ve hooked me! God has answered so many of my prayers the past 57 years of my life, however, one of the biggest answers to prayer many, many years ago was to be a mommy. After being told, I might not be able to have children, I was blessed with 4. And now, I’m the grandma to 10 beautiful grandchildren as well. Thank you for sharing your story. I too hope to be published one day! God bless you!

  • Thanks so much for your encouraging post. While God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we want, He answers with what’s best for us. Like you I wanted to be published. But if he’d given me a publisher when I first wanted one, I would now be so embarrassed.

  • Marilyn R

    Nice to see Jodie Wolfe featured on Everyone’s Story. I’ve connected with Jodie via FB and her blog. I definitely want to read Love in the Seams, as I enjoyed her first book, Hearts Tightly Knit. God has answered so many prayers for me this week–our mother being home from hospital and improving, protection while traveling back and forth to the trauma hospital and His joy giving me strength to keep going when I had no rest. Thank you again for sharing your story Jodie with Elaine. God bless all.

  • Janet Estridge

    God answered my prayer when all hope was lost. Six years ago, my husband broke his neck. While in the hospital he was known as “the Miracle Man”. God answered my prayer right before my very eyes.
    God is Good …. All the Time!

  • I enjoyed reading about Jodie’s journey to become a published author. I am an Indie but also would love to be picked up by a publisher as all writers do. If it is in God’s plan it will happen.
    God has answered my prayers so many times: giving me three children when I was also told I would never be able to carry a child to term; to leave an unhealthy marriage and find my soul-mate; to rise above childhood abuse so that I might counsel others; and to survive ovarian cancer for 8-1/2 years against all odds. God is good and these are just the major miracles…there are little ones every day.

  • Karen Campbell Prough

    So happy to see Jodie’s answer to prayer! And we also share the same wonderful agent! God answers prayers but not always when we think it’s the “right” time. I’ve been writing since I could print! But publication came a little bit at a time during the years that went by. A short story here … a short story there. And combined with the years, writers pick up more messages to put in a book. There may be someone needing just one of them. Perhaps, that is the reason for the delay so many authors experience.

    • elaineadmin

      Karen, so happy for your visit! As Patricia Bradley shared earlier: I’m glad I wasn’t published when I “thought” I was ready. I sure wasn’t! Looking back, I probably would have gotten in my own way. Yeah, on one hand it would have been nice to have a long, prosperous writing career since I was… uh… let’s say 25 years of age, but it wasn’t meant to be. But perhaps, like the artist Grandma Moses, whom I so admire, maybe life’s just beginning for us. Here’s to hope. Here’s to believing and trusting God. Here’s to the New Year. May it be a good and kind one to us all.

    • Hi Karen. Nice to have a fellow Glazite stop by. 🙂 Don’t you love the way God knows what is best and that we can trust Him?

  • Hi Jodie, I so look forward to reading Love in the Seams. Thank you for your inspiration as a prayer warrior. I have
    some really major prayer requests I have been waiting on for a long time and continue to wait on, and a rather
    personal prayer request I am seeing answered and have been amazed at God’s working this last year. I can
    share He answered my prayer to be an author as well, especially with my first novel that came out in the spring and
    the wonderful blessing of signing a contract for the next one to come out next year, both having been the fulfillment
    of a dream. I can definitely identify for the need for patience and prayer in this area.

    I pray you will have many book contracts to come!

    Elaine, I’m so glad you let Jodie share her story here.

  • Jodie and Elaine, thank you for such an inspiring, encouraging post! Jodie, your book sounds so interesting. God has answered so many of my prayers through the years, including my prayer for Christian husbands for my two daughters. Already started praying the same prayer for the grandkids 🙂 So very blessed, so very grateful. Thanks again!

  • Andrea Stephens

    Hi Jodie! Hi Elaine!
    Jodie, I’m getting to know you more here, and on Facebook. I look forward to reading Love In The Seams.

  • elaineadmin

    What a fun, and most uplifting week, it’s been here on Everyone’s Story. I’d like to thank my guest Jodie Wolfe for helping to make it such a pleasant time.

    Jodie, thanks for your lovely BookGiveaway of Love in the Seams. The winner of this book is…

    Karen Campbell Prough. Yay, Karen. Both Jodie and I will contact you via direct email.

    May all be blessed with a joyous Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

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