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Everyone’s Story welcomes inspirational and suspense author Lisa J. Lickel. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa through the past years as former co-clients of the same literary agency. It’s been fun watching Lisa grow as an author into different genres, like her newest suspense release of Understory, which I had the honor to read in its early stages–full of intense gritty suspense, I think readers should check it out!  Understory is also Lisa’s BookGiveaway offer this week so do peruse the story’s blurb and excerpt. We’re both looking forward to chatting with you.




Lisa is offering 1 randomly chosen commenter a choice of either the print or electronic edition of Understory. The winner will be announced here on Friday, November 18th  5-6 PM EST.

** For Giveaways: it’s not necessary to insert your private email information within comments.

Blurb for Understory:

When nobody loves you, you have nothing to lose.

Lily Masters is not getting involved with any fake job scheme covering a sex trafficking operation supposedly cooked up by her stepbrother, prison guard Art Townsend. Hoping to get help at a friend’s place deep in the woods of northern Wisconsin before a blizzard, Lily loses her way. At first, she doesn’t realize how fortunate she is to be found by Cam Taylor, a poetry-spouting former lit professor. Cam has his own reasons to hide while writing a biography of his Civil Rights activist grandparents and accidentally stirs up a cold case murder involving a potential Supreme Court judge. When trouble follows, either of them is the likely target.

Beneath every story is layer upon layer of trust and lies. Who can they believe when things go from surreal to devastating?

Excerpt from Understory:

 Understory by Lisa J. Lickel

Cam Taylor listened to ice crystals pinging his kitchen window pane. Too cold to make decent snowflakes.

He’d let his dogs inside last night—early morning—when they made a ruckus. After filling a water bowl and offering treats, he let them stay near the woodstove. The mercury plunged way below the fat red zero on the ancient Wisconsin Bank of the Great North Woods outdoor thermometer. It was really cold out there in the driving blizzard…not counting wind chill.

He gulped the last of his coffee while he watched the two animals pace between the kitchen stove and the front door, restless. They were as mixed up a breed as he. Lear was mostly retriever, the shelter said, and Iago, part Shepherd with the usual dark markings, but shorthaired.

“So, you want to show me what you found? Hmm? Maybe some deer hide we can salvage?” Fatally cold out there, yeah, but a brisk walk through lashing snow might shake the vapors of the ghosts that clung after his dreams.

While he dressed for outdoors, he continued to talk to them. “Better be more exciting than a rabbit, guys.” The white stuff already heaped six inches deep in places, and he couldn’t tell exactly where his driveway started. The dogs shot out the door as soon as he opened it. Lear and Iago howled and acted stupid, pouncing and prancing in the blowing fluff. Cam lashed his snowshoes to his boots, grabbed his poles, and took off from the porch steps after them. One deep breath sent him sputtering and rasping. He tied his scarf across his face and muttered, “Twenty-four below, one gangsta ready to roll…”


Season of Change by Lisa J. Lickel

I sit here in a patch of sunlight, highway traffic noise outside my left ear forgotten for the moment as I look around my living room. Paneled walls from the sixties, Grandma’s rocker, Great-grandma’s side table brought from Germany, an antique local oil company’s desk and my computer… It’s been my home for thirty years. We raised our children here, fought, loved, let our hair grow gray, and now we’re moving. We are aliens perched on this side of the state, come to educate the young, and now this phase of our life is complete. We move into the next phase, the next season of life.

But it’s hard. I’m not moving into a completely strange new world, but it’s different. We’re building a new house. It took twenty years to remember which switch turned on which light, and I still have to test the outlets to see which one is controlled by the wall switch…but it’s my house. I bonded with the family that built it, and the next families who stayed here for a generation or a blink. We recrafted some of the rooms, updated the amenities, added our own touch here and there. Our new house will be ours from the ground up. But it won’t have the echo of the ship captain’s voice calling out that he’s home, or the glimmering flashes of the quilting ladies gathered to stitch, or the carriage steps, or the garden that sustained 160 years’ worth of hungry mouths anticipating that first tomato or green bean.


We’re taking our furniture, of course. It’s been in motion longer than we have. We’ve been slowly transplanting some of our favorite perennials, grandma’s rose, grandpa’s lilacs and iris, rhubarb and asparagus we transported from other home places years ago. We’ll have peace without the traffic noise and we won’t have to worry about the pipes bursting in the laundry room in the dead of winter. We’ll have our grandchildren’s laughter to plant new memories. I’ll have to carry in my soul the burning passion, the stupidly consuming obsession of the history of this place—the one which led to my writing career. It’ll be hard. It’ll be different. We’ll cry. But it will be okay. The changing season means we are still in motion, we are still here, we are still needed and we still need to finish our journey to our true heavenly home—all in good time, all in His time.

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Author’s Bio:

Lisa Lickel is a Wisconsin author who loves books, collects dragons, and writes inspiring fiction. She also writes short stories, feature articles, and radio theater, and loves to encourage new authors through mentoring, speaking, and leading workshops. Lisa is a member of Women Fiction Writers of America, the Council for Wisconsin Writers, the Chicago Writer’s Association, and vice president/instructor for Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp and Writing Retreat, Inc. She is an avid book reviewer and blogger, and a freelance editor.

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