Karen Ingalls: Shining For Others


Everyone’s Story welcomes author Karen Ingalls to our little corner of the blog world. Karen and I have connected over 2 passions: our love of writing, and ovarian cancer. Karen has battled with the illness; my mother had passed away from it 28 years ago (and I had an ovarian tumor but praise God, […]

Peggy Frezon: On Pets, People, and Writing


Everyone’s Story welcomes author Peggy Frezon, who combines her love of animals and writing in her non-fiction books. While Peggy may be a local author to me, her name has spread to far reaches through the many articles she’s penned in Guideposts Magazine as well as Chicken Soup for the Soul. Take a […]

When Fiction Collides With Reality

When Fiction Collides With Reality By Elaine Stock An author should be contemplative when the world news parallels her fictional story, especially when the novel is about hatred. Before I continue I must emphasize, writing this on the heels of the recent contentious race and vote for the new American president, these thoughts are not […]

Lisa J. Lickel: Coping With Change


Everyone’s Story welcomes inspirational and suspense author Lisa J. Lickel. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa through the past years as former co-clients of the same literary agency. It’s been fun watching Lisa grow as an author into different genres, like her newest suspense release of Understory, which I had the […]

Ada Brownell: My Purpose In Writing

Everyone’s Story welcomes fellow Elk Lake Publishing author, Ada Brownell. As both a reader and an author (and really, how can you separate the two?) I always love learning an author’s road to publication, which Ada shares with us this week. I trust you’ll also appreciate what she has to say. Do check out […]