Ginger Solomon: Facing A Season of Transformation

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Everyone’s Story welcomes Ginger Solomon who is making her first appearance here, but I hope not her last. I had the fleeting pleasure of “meeting” Ginger at last week’s ACFW Conference while taking the up escalator and she the down and Ginger called out my name with such warm enthusiasm. You just never know when and where you’re meant to meet someone! Ginger shares with you this week some candid thoughts on how to cope when life thrusts at you changes. Also, check out Ginger’s BookGiveaway offer and blurb on the novel. Ginger and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ginger is offering 1 PDF version of Second Choices to 1  randomly chosen commenter. The winner will be announced here on Friday, September 9th between 5-6 PM EST.

** Please note regarding BookGiveaways: email contact information within comments are no longer required. However, if I have a question regarding yours I’ll leave a comment for you to forward it in order for you to chance winning.

Second Choice Blurb:

Set to be married in less than a month, Princess Anaya Vallis’s intended runs away, leaving only a cryptic note behind. Her father insists the wedding go forth as planned with a new groom. She has days to make a second choice.

Titus Vasco is like a ship without a rudder, floating through life without purpose. Until she calls. He accepts her proposal without hesitation.

But wedded bliss does not come easily. Two virtual strangers brought together by unforeseen circumstances must learn to trust each other and God’s plan for their lives in order to achieve the happily-ever-after they both long for.


An Uncertain Future By Ginger Solomon

Have you ever felt at a loss for where to go in your life?

I have.

I usually feel like I’m floating along with the current of my life with no discernable direction. Or to change my metaphors… I feel like an unfinished pot on the Master Potter’s shelf, waiting to be fired, painted, or glazed.

But one thing I’ve noticed during those times of waiting, I tend to look at life from a different perspective. God shows me another view of the world—His view.

I’ve felt like I was on the shelf for a long time, but times are changing. I’m feeling the heat of the fires (both emotionally and physically).


Emotionally because I have two sons engaged to be married, one in November and the other in June, and my oldest daughter is moving out for school as this post goes live. My children are growing and becoming independent, just like I trained them. It’s still bittersweet.

Physically because I have some health issues that I will be dealing with over the next few months, including at least one surgery.

It’s the beginning of what could be an unpleasant situation (not the kids getting married), but I know that I WILL come out on the other side transformed into something greater. I will be more like Him because while I’m going through the fire, my eyes will remain focused on Him. I have made the determination beforehand. I’m trusting my Master Potter to control the heat, so I don’t shatter, and to pull me out at the right time to be perfect for His purpose.

In my book, Second Choice, my hero, Titus, has felt adrift since he first met Anaya, my heroine. Nothing he does seems to fill that place in him that searches for contentment. When Anaya contacts him and asks him to be her husband, he immediately agrees. He knows, deep down, that this is what he’s been waiting for…his purpose. Except it’s not as easy as he thought it’d be, nor is everyone as accepting of his choice.

Check out this excerpt where he’s having dinner with his family:

“Busy doing what, might I ask? Last I heard you were still without a position.” Father’s tone cut through Titus’s well-constructed walls.

He kept his eyes on his plate. His siblings and their spouses also kept quiet.

“I’ve met someone, and we’re to be married in a few weeks.”

Gasps sounded around the table, but he didn’t look up.

“Who would be foolish enough to marry an out-of-work, good-for-nothing fourth son with no money?”

Titus stood. “If that’s truly the way you feel, Father, well… I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you. Thankfully, Anaya does not feel the same way.” He faced his mother. “Maman, thank you for trying. I will come by tomorrow or Friday to say goodbye. I will be leaving town on Saturday and will not return for some time.” He nodded to his siblings and stepped away from the table.

“Anaya?” His father scratched his head. “I only know one person with that name. It is an unusual one.”

Titus shrugged and continued out the door.

A chair fell to the floor behind him. He didn’t stop.

“You were in Belikara, and you’re marrying a girl named Anaya in a few weeks?” His mother screeched at the top of her lungs.

She connected the dots faster than he’d expected.

“I assume I’ll see you there, Maman. Goodnight.” He was almost in his car when his father opened the front door with a crash. Titus got in, closed the door, and started the engine. He didn’t want to hear anything his father had to say.

Titus’s world turns upside down, but when he comes out on the other side of his particular fire, he’s a better man.

Have you ever been through a time of waiting or maybe a time of fire? Answer below for a chance to win an PDF-copy of Second Choice.

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Author’s Bio:

Ginger Solomon is a Christian, a wife, a mother to seven, and a writer—in that order (mostly). She writes or reads inspirational romance of any genre, and if she’s busy homeschooling, doing laundry, or fixing dinner, it’s on her mind. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, president of her local writing group, and blogs regularly for and at She has two full-length novels and three novellas published. In addition she has several manuscripts scheduled to release in 2016.

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29 comments to Ginger Solomon: Facing A Season of Transformation

  • Marilyn R

    Yes, I’ve been through a time of waiting. The verse I claimed was Proverbs 3:5-6. My faith and trust in God to always provide increased during my time of waiting. Prayers for you Ginger during this transformation time. A great blog post with all that is happening in the world–God will keep His children in His hands, as we keep our focus on Him no matter what is changing around us.

  • Ann Ellison

    Enjoyed the interview and the book sounds like a good one. I went through a rough time when my husband passed away in 1997. But I experienced first hand the peace and comfort that God has for His children.

    • elaineadmin

      Ann, I was just reading a devotional on the subject of the trials of life. No trial, whether the loss of a loved one, a wrongful act, or any kind of disappointment, is not pleasant and usually so difficult and stressful. None of us would ask Him to “bring it on,” for sure. I’m just thankful He is there for me… for us. My sincere hugs.

    • God’s peace and comfort are always ready and waiting. I’m so glad you turned to him during your time of grieving. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Psalm 37:4–Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. One of my favorite verses. Even though it might not happen right away. 🙂 I claimed this verse a long time, wondering why God didn’t give me the desires of my heart…then I discovered verse 7: Wait patiently on the Lord.

    Everything is in His timing. Which is not always ours. But His timing is better. Great post and sorry I missed Ginger at ACFW! But it was great seeing you there Elaine!

    • elaineadmin

      Encouraging words, Pat.

      No exaggeration: one of the major incentives for me to attending this past ACFW conference was knowing that I’ll get to meet you–and Kathy Harris 💗 We may not have had time (or energy!) to spend the hours chatting, but it was absolutely wonderful for me.

    • Patricia, I think I missed everyone. I kept trying to see name tags, but it’s so hectic with so many wonderful writers. I’m sorry I missed meeting you too.

  • Ian

    Ginger, lovely meeting you last week and I do continue to pray healing of your health issue. Like last week when we met I so admire your perspective in this difficult season. Be assured the Lord isn’t letting go and as you say He is transforming you as you walk with Him.

    7 children – wow. That’s a lot. And look at all you’ve written. You must be a great organiser of your time being able to get so much done.

    Elaine, thanks for sharing Ginger’s story with us and lovely to meet you again. You seem to have met a few people on escalators last week. LOL.

    • elaineadmin

      Ian, you and Ginger were my two lovely escalator meets. Got to hug you, but not Ginger. Here’s to hoping we’ll all see each other again next year, and that we’ll be blessed with health, joy, and of course, writing blessings.

    • It was lovely meeting you, too, Ian. I appreciate the prayers you and Donna offered.

      I have learned to be an excellent organizer, but it is also something the Lord has gifted me with. I do my best to use what He’s given me. It helps that my children are older now. The youngest is 12. I wouldn’t have been able to write ten years ago, and I didn’t. I only started writing about six years ago.

  • This book sounds intriguing, but what I’d really like to know from Elaine is…can I use that meme about coming out the other side transformed into something better? What a fantastic quote (and the image goes with it so well)!! Also, I scheduled all 3 Tweets for today. Hopefully lots of people check out Ginger and Everybody’s Story. Blessings to both of you 🙂

  • I liked your comment, “I’m trusting my Master Potter to control the heat, so I don’t shatter, and to pull me out at the right time to be perfect for His purpose.” Our family is being refined in the furnace at this moment due to the sudden and unexpected death of my daughter-in-law, but I know He won’t let us be tested above what we are able to bear, and that He has only our good in mind.

    SECOND CHOICE sounds like a story I’d like to read. Thanks for entering my name in the drawing.

    • elaineadmin

      Oh, Derinda, I’m so sorry to learn about the passing of your daughter-in-law. So many people are facing sudden and tragic fiery furnaces and my heart is sad for you, for everyone. Yet, as Ginger is encouraging us, He will pull us out at the right and perfect time.

      My hugs and condolences.

    • You have my condolences, Derinda. Death, whether expected or unexpected, is difficult to bear. My prayers for your family–your son especially and any children they might have had–are heading to the Father as I type. He knows your needs and will provide the strength, peace, and grace at just the right time.

  • Thank you for this post, Elaine. I’m so glad you enjoyed the ACFW conference. I’ve seen photos on Facebook and it looked like so much fun. I hope to go next year.

    Ginger, your book sounds so interesting – thank you for the sample. I will say a prayer for your physical and emotional health. You said: “But one thing I’ve noticed during those times of waiting, I tend to look at life from a different perspective. God shows me another view of the world—His view.” I needed that – thank you.

    • elaineadmin

      Laura, without fail, what I love about each of my guests is that they find a way to each commenter’s heart. I’m so happy that Ginger’s words resonated with you. And I’m thrilled that you visited today 💗

      ACFW was fun! God willing, I’ll be back next year… or to whichever conference He leads me to.

  • Thank you for the prayers, Laura. All stages are times of learning. The one we’re in at the moment always seems the hardest–whether on the shelf, waiting, or in the fire, enduring. No matter what, God always has us in the palm of His mighty hand. I’m glad that my words were an encouragement for you.

  • Connie Saunders

    I have learned to lean on Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”NIV
    Now I understand that it may not be immediately that I will understand His plan or the future that He is promising me but I fully believe that He Is There!
    Thank you for sharing and May God bless you!

    • elaineadmin

      Connie, this is definitely an ongoing daily, daily lesson for me! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to share with us.

      BTW, I deleted your email addy from your comment because I do have it in my “behind the scenes” part of the blog. Just trying to protect you from spammers 😊

    • Oh, yes. That is a great verse, Connie. And what we think of as harm really isn’t. 🙂 It sends me back to the one that says (my paraphrase) “my thoughts are not your thoughts.” Our perception of our circumstances is sometimes skewed. Trusting Him is the ONLY way.

  • elaineadmin

    I’d like to send a special thank you to my guest of this past, Ginger Solomon. Ginger, it’s been about a couple of weeks since we “met’ at ACFW and I’m still thinking about the warm shout you gave me during our escalator time. You recognized me, greeted me… and took the time to offer a wave of a hand and one of the nicest smiles I will always remember. Thank you 💗 Also, you taking the time to appear on Everyone’s Story while you could have easily canceled during a demanding time for you speaks lovely volumes of you. I am praying for the very best for you… His best!

    And, thanks for the offer of the Giveaway of your novel Second Choice (and I do apologize because it was literally only minutes ago that I realized I’d misspelled your title as Second Choices). The winner of Second Choice is…

    Laura!! Congratulations, Laura. Both Ginger and I will contact you directly. Happy reading!

    Blessings to all.

  • It was my pleasure to be here and to wave at you in passing on the escalator, Elaine. I wish we could have met elsewhere and shared a few minutes to get to know each other. Maybe another time.

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