Gail Pallotta: More Than Treading Deep Waters

Everyone’s Story welcomes Gail Pallotta. I’ve “seen” Gail for years as the two of us have buzzed through the cyberspace of Twitter and Facebook and I’m thrilled Gail’s my guest this week! I’m seriously thinking that each one of us has either battled Lyme Disease or has a loved one who has. For me I’ve […]

Janet K. Brown: Aiming High


Everyone’s Story welcomes author Janet K. Brown. It’s a joy to have Janet here this week–I read her first novel in the Wharton Rock series, Worth Her Weight, and fell in love with Janet’s storytelling. But, Janet’s uplifting writing goes beyond fiction as you’ll see here for yourselves in her very special candid […]

Kelly Klepfer: How To Knock Down Brick Walls


Everyone’s Story welcomes debut author Kelly Klepfer, whose novel Out of the Frying Pan, is co-authored with Michelle Griep. What I appreciate from Kelly is a sense of humor when tackling the angst of getting published. I believe readers will also appreciate what Kelly shares here since much is applicable to Life 101! Do check out […]

Tracey Casciano: Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Everyone’s Story welcomes Tracey Casciano, author, speaker, and missionary. Tracey contacted me with the hope of sharing her personal story of rising from a troubling childhood by keeping her eyes and heart focused on God. This week Tracey shares the same message, which you can find in detail in her non-fiction book Out of the Darkroom, Into The […]

Ginger Solomon: Facing A Season of Transformation

Everyone’s Story welcomes Ginger Solomon who is making her first appearance here, but I hope not her last. I had the fleeting pleasure of “meeting” Ginger at last week’s ACFW Conference while taking the up escalator and she the down and Ginger called out my name with such warm enthusiasm. You just never know when and where […]