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Everyone’s Story fondly welcomes back inspirational author Jean C. Gordon. I’m very blessed to have Jean as a dear friend for many years now. We met back in my RWA days (Jean’s still a member!) when we attended monthly chapter meetings up in Saratoga, NY. I’ve had the pleasure to see Jean’s career grow through the years and have cheered her along as she has placed smile after smile on readers’ faces. Please join Jean this week as she shares right from her heart about a very personal subject for her, one that’s reflected in her just released Love Inspired The Bachelor’s Sweetheart, which she’s also offering as a BookGiveaway. Also check out Jean’s excerpt from that novel. We’re both looking forward to hearing from you.

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Jean’s past visits on Everyone’s Story:

A Multi-published Author With a Big Heart from a Small Town

Author of Heart, Home and Faith Stories

Excerpt from The Bachelor’s Sweetheart:

Excerpt from The Bachelor’s Sweetheart by Jean C. Gordon:

Chapter One

The heat was unbearable, worse than anything Josh Donnelly had ever experienced, even during his National Guard tour of Afghanistan. A rivulet of sweat ran down his back. He wanted to pull at his collar so he could breathe, cool off his back. But people would see him.

“The ring,” the guest minister prompted him.

Josh felt like he was aiding and abetting the enemy as he dug in the pocket of his tuxedo jacket. All through high school, after their older brother, Jared, had left Paradox Lake, he’d protected their younger brother, Connor, from their father and the fallout of his being the town drunk. He should be protecting him now from making a potentially huge mistake. Josh handed the wedding band to Connor. Not that his baby brother’s soon-to-be wife wasn’t a good person. Nor did he doubt that Connor and Natalie Delacroix loved each other—for now.

But the Donnelly men weren’t cut out for marriage. That was what he and Jared had always said. They’d agreed they had too much of their father in them to let any woman get close enough to love them. They couldn’t risk ultimately hurting someone the way Dad had hurt Mom. That is, they had agreed until last summer when Jared had married Becca Morgan. Now Connor had fallen victim.

Pain squeezed Josh’s chest as he caught the loving look on Connor’s face when he slipped the ring onto Natalie’s finger. Don’t do it. Josh glanced around to make sure he hadn’t said that out loud. He was good. No one was staring at him. No one except his bud Tessa Hamilton, who was sitting halfway back in the church, her bulletin covering her mouth, eyes sparkling. She was laughing at him.

Tessa knew how he felt about marriage and didn’t hold it against him—one of the many reasons they got along so well. But that didn’t mean he was going to let her get away with laughing at his discomfort. Josh smiled to himself. He had the perfect revenge. He’d ask her to dance at the wedding reception. Tessa didn’t dance. She said her dancing wasn’t for public consumption.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” the minister declared. “You can kiss your bride.”

Connor pressed his lips to Natalie’s. Then they turned and faced the guests hand in hand.

“I present Mr. and Mrs. Connor Donnelly,” the minister said.

The guests stood and applauded. Josh’s gaze went to his mother, who was standing next to his grandmother and stepgrandfather, Harry, in the front pew. Harry smiled down at Grandma with almost the same expression Connor had had when he’d slipped the ring on Natalie’s finger. Josh glanced across the aisle to Natalie’s parents. Terry and John Delacroix stood hand in hand much like Connor and Natalie. Connor was different than him and Jared, more like their mother—although Jared appeared to have become the poster boy for marital bliss. And Connor was a minister, the pastor here at Hazardtown Community Church. Maybe he and Natalie would make it work.

The organist began the recessional and the applause stopped. As Connor and Natalie started up the aisle, Josh stepped front and center and offered his arm to Claire Delacroix, Natalie’s sister and maid of honor. Jared fell into step behind them with Natalie’s oldest sister, Andrea Bissette, and the rest of the wedding party.

Josh bit the side of his mouth to keep from laughing as he passed Tessa and she glanced from him to Claire with a raised eyebrow. Tessa had been trying to fix him up with Natalie’s sister since Connor and Natalie became engaged last Christmas. And Connor had been warning him off as if he wasn’t good enough for Connor’s future sister-in-law. At one point, Josh considered asking Claire out just to irritate Connor but had thought better of it. Why jeopardize the brotherly bond for a woman he’d only move on from in a month or two? Not that there were many available women left in Paradox Lake for him to move on to. Even more reason for him to finish his engineering technology degree and blow this burg.

The wedding party lined up with his mother and Natalie’s parents outside at the bottom of the church steps to greet the guests. Their grandparents were the first in line.

“You’re next,” his grandmother said when she reached him in the line. Her husband chuckled. A chill ran down Josh’s spine, remembering Gram saying something on that order about Jared before he succumbed to Becca’s charms.

“Josh and Claire do make a cute couple,” Claire’s grandmother added, kissing Claire on her cheek.

“Oh, Marie, I thought I’d told you he’s seeing Tessa Hamilton, Betty’s granddaughter.”

Marie Delacroix nodded with a sympathetic look at Claire. Josh smiled at the lovingly tolerant look Claire returned. Being in their early thirties, he and Claire were fortunate to still have their grandmothers.

“Gram,” he said, “Tessa and I are friends. That’s all.”

“Famous last words. Jared and Becca and Connor and Natalie were friends first, too.”

Josh looked over his grandmother’s head at her husband, who chuckled again. “Edna, we’re holding up the line.”

Gram gave Harry “the look,” the one that Josh recognized as a silent “you’re pushing it.” But she continued down the line, giving Jared a hug and telling him how handsome he looked. Friends and family filed by behind his grandmother, shaking his hand and exchanging small talk.

“Natalie, I’m so happy for you and Connor.”

Josh’s ears perked up at the sound of Tessa’s voice. A smile spread across his face as he thought about his plans for the reception.

“Josh, this is my uncle,” Claire said, breaking his private gloat.

“Nice to meet you,” he said, shaking the man’s hand.

Tessa stepped up next. “Claire, you look beautiful. I love the bridesmaid dresses.”

Some guy Josh didn’t recognize stood close behind Tessa, as if he was with her.

“I know.” Claire dropped her voice. “I was thinking I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear the dress again in public.”

Josh narrowed his eyes, thinking back to the ceremony. A date? He didn’t remember seeing anyone sitting close enough to Tessa in the pew to suggest they were with her. Tessa stepped in front of him, and the man bent and gave Claire a hug.

“Hi,” Tessa said. “I see you didn’t expire up there. For a minute it looked touch and go.”

He ran his gaze across her face, masking the irritation her comment ignited. He’d had things in hand up at the altar, totally in control. His mood softened. Tessa looked different. Her rich chestnut hair was down, softly framing her face. And her eyes…he couldn’t put his finger on it. They were different, more defined. He dropped his focus to her lips and took in the pink sheen along with the creamy tan of her flawless skin. Makeup. He stared at her. Tessa was wearing makeup.

“What?” she said. “Are you so traumatized you can’t talk?”

“You look nice.”

She blinked and drew her head back.

Smooth Donnelly. Way to give a compliment. But he was used to seeing Tessa on a buddy level.

“As in not how I usually look?” Tessa tilted her head and drilled her gaze into his.

“Yeah.” It slipped out as if his mouth had no connection to his brain. Time to bring out the reinforcements. Josh drew his mouth into the slow half smile that always worked on women. “Unbelievably, you look even more beautiful than usual.”

Tessa rolled her eyes. She rolled her eyes. Not dating for the past few months had put him more out of practice than he’d thought. The Smile always used to work.

“Catch you later at the reception.” He nodded toward the people lined up behind her and squelched the urge to glare at the man in front of him.

“This is my cousin Pierre, from Montreal,” Claire said.

Josh sized up the competition as they shook hands. “Nice to meet you.”

“Ravi de vous rencontrer également.”

Josh’s gaze pierced the back of Pierre’s head as he moved on. Was the guy showing off, or didn’t he speak English? Josh shook his head. He didn’t know what had gotten into him. There was no competition. Josh liked Tessa too much to let their relationship become anything more than a friendship.

One Day at a Time by Jean C. Gordon

My latest book, The Bachelor’s Sweetheart, deals with alcoholism. At the beginning of the story, my hero Josh doesn’t know that my heroine Tessa is a recovering alcoholic. When Josh finds out by accident, it almost destroys them. Josh, who grew up as the son of the town drunk, has no tolerance for alcoholics.

Of all my books, this one was the hardest to write and, ultimately, the most rewarding to me. I’ve seen first hand with my youngest brother the toll alcoholism, any addiction, takes on family and friends. Josh and his brothers have dealt with their father’s alcoholism most of their lives. Tessa and her family with hers only more recently. Tessa and Josh’s story is a tribute to what love can overcome when it has the power of God behind it.

One thing Josh and Tessa learn is to take things one day at a time. Taking life “one day at a time” is a primary tenet of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-anon, the organization for family and friends of alcoholics. Many people whose lives have been adversely affected by the problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend have found one day at a time to be a lifeline that gives them the courage to change things they’re able to change.

While my brother has been gone for many years, I still open Courage to Change — One Day at a Time and read the meditation for the day. Through these meditations, I’ve found that taking life one day at a time can help in many other life situations, too. Such as when:

  • You’re trying to reach a goal — Reaching a long-term goal, such as writing a book, can be daunting. Breaking a goal down into a day-by-day process can make it doable and improve your chances of success.

  • You’re worried about the future — Concentrating on what you have and can do today will move you forward and lighten your worry. We don’t have the power to know for sure what will happen tomorrow or next week. Worrying about it is wasted energy.

  • You have to deal with a difficult person on a regular basis — Limit your thought timeframe to today. Don’t dwell on the last time you had to deal with the person or the next time you may have to. And when today’s time is done, it’s over. The next time you have to deal with the person will be a whole new day.

  • You’re trying to break a bad habit— Let’s say you want to avoid junk food. You’ll be more successful breaking your junk food habit you tell yourself you’ll avoid junk food today and leave open the possibility of having it tomorrow. The next day, do the same thing. Soon the habit will be broken.

  • You have small children or grandchildren—It’s a cliché, but children are young for such a short time. Enjoy each day with them. You can, and should, plan for their future, but don’t plan the wonder and joy of today’s time with your children away.

  • You feel overwhelmed — Similar to meeting long-term goals, determine what you can reasonably accomplish today and take joy in accomplishing it.

And I’m sure there are others. Can you think of some?

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Author’s Bio:

For Amazon Bestselling inspirational and sweet romance author Jean C. Gordon, writing is a natural extension of her love of reading. From that day in first grade when she realized t-h-e was the word “the,” she’s been reading everything she can put her hands on. She and her college-sweetheart husband tried the city life in Los Angeles, but quickly returned home to their native small-town Upstate New York, where she sets her books.

A founding member of the Capital Region Romance Writers (Albany, NY), Jean currently serves as membership chair. She’s also a member of the Romance Writers of America and its Faith, Hope and Love Chapter, the American Christian Fiction Writers, and Novelists, Inc.

The Bachelor’s Sweetheart, book three of her Love Inspired series, THE DONNELLY BROTHERS: Hometown boys make good  and find love releases in August. Jean is currently working on a new series for Harlequin Love Inspired and looking forward to the release of her first single title romance, Mending the Motocross Champion, in October.

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29 comments to Jean C. Gordon: Ways To Lighten Your Worries

  • Ann Ellison

    Another new to me author that I believe I need to add to my reading list. I would love to win a copy of this book. Sounds like a good one.

  • Marilyn R

    An amazing post with Jean Gordon. I just finished reading Bachelor Father by Jean. It was an enjoyable read and I could relate to Molly with the work I do.i look forward to reading Jean’s new book, The Bachelor’s Sweethest”.

    Taking one day at a time is all God wants us to do. Trust him each day, set smaller goals each day to reach the larger goal, be thankful for small blessings along with larger ones each day. Addictions affects so many more lives than the individual with their addiction. Each one can be a encourager for them to break free with prayer, support, and love.

    Thank you Jean and Elaine for sharing. God bless.

    • elaineadmin

      Marilyn, I read Bachelor Father when it first came out and adored it 😊

      Oh, how perfect Jean’s feature is for me personally this week… another God lesson, for sure!

  • Jean, what wonderful words of wisdom. And the excerpt was very good. I can’t wait to read The Bachelor’s Sweetheart. Thank you so much for Bachelor Father!

  • Beth P.

    I have been reading Love Inspired novels for many, many years. I’d pass them along to my mother, who also devoured them. She died 8 years ago, but this shared enjoyment is something I treasure. I have a stack of Love Inspired books waiting to be read in my bookcase. In fact, I am on the last pages of one right now. I was encouraged by your wisdom above re: living one day at a time. In fact, all we really can do is live moment-to-moment. I look forward to reading your “Bachelor” books. I have already enjoyed “Holiday Homecoming” and “Winning the Teacher’s Heart”. (I always enjoy reading books whose heroines share my profession!)

  • Thanks Ann Marilyn and Patricia. And I have a correction. I’m giving away one print copy of The Bachelor’s Sweetheart (US only) AND one eBook copy (worldwide). 🙂

  • Dianne Casey

    A new author to me. Looking forward to reading your latest book. Thanks for the chance.

  • The “worried about the future” comment strikes a chord with me, Jean. I’m not much of a television watcher, but when I watch and listen to the news, I’m greatly disturbed by the chaos I see and hear. Restlessness grows the longer I listen, and there’s a tendency to worry. I usually leave the room and remind myself that God is still in control and has told us the future, so I can rest in His promises and take one day at a time.

    • elaineadmin

      Derinda, I’m with you on the world news level. I too can barely watch, listen, and read the daily happenings, and have been praying more. Let alone keep up with my own life. So, yes, I am beginning to live day by day, resting in His peace and promises for the future.

  • So true, Jean. The best way to take on life is one day at a time. I really enjoyed your first chapter too.
    Thank you for sharing, both part of your story and from your heart.

    I appreciate your posting another great article, Elaine!

  • Laura Conner Kestner

    A very thought-provoking and inspiring post, thank you! And I loved the excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

  • Terrill Rosado

    I have a few close friends who found healing and sobriety through AA and NA. From conversations with them, I know that there is a faith-based message with AA, as well, but not necessarily “Christian.” I was curious if you know whether or not the founders of AA were Christians?

  • Hi Jean:

    I’m really looking forward to your Motocross romance. My brother was a professional Motocross racer in the ’60s in California with Honda. Those races were about the most exciting events I’ve ever seen. They were loud, fast, and airborne more time than they spent on the ground. It didn’t take him long to get injured out of the sport. It don’t know how many times one can expect to fly in the air and then land with both the front and back wheel parallel to each other. Not too many times — that’s for sure!

    Are you a motocross fan? Can you capture the flying mud, noise, smell, danger, and pure craziness of the sport on paper? That style of writing would seem extremely hard to do. One might call it, EW, extreme writing!

    Is it going to be a standalone book — only until the publisher sees how it sells? The NASCAR romance books sold so well they made it into a subgenre. Motocross racers are modern cowboys — only braver! Just to be safe I think the hero needs to have two brothers.

    One of my favorite romances is, “The Price of Victory”, where the hero is a Champion Bicycle racer and the heroine is a rookie pro woman racer. She gets hurt and the hero halts his career to devote a summer to giving her PT so she can get back to her career.

    What is the setting for your motocross book? I am most familiar with southern California. I did some exciting desert cycling but never competitive!

    As for you theme of ‘one day at a time’, I always liked the wisdom of saying, “This too shall pass.” And when a task seems too difficult to even start, I like the old Chinese folk saying, “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”

    And as a practical matter, I have learned not to judge your current progress with potential future progress. When I did my first 3-hour long continuing education seminar, it took me two weeks to create it and have it approved by the state. By the fifth course, it was only taking me one day per course. Eventually I could do two to three courses a day on various subjects. I wound-up with over 105 approved seminars all approved to offer at the same time.

    If it always took me two weeks to create a single course, over 100 courses would have been an impossibility. Key: the yardstick for measuring successful progress can always change as one learns how to do things faster and better.

    Looking forward to reading your books.


    • elaineadmin

      Vince, I like your “Key,” except in my opinion, to do things better doesn’t necessarily hinge on faster.

    • Hi, Vince. In romance, single title generally refers to longer books, as opposed to my shorter Love Inspired Series books. That said, I plan MENDING THE MOTOCROSS CHAMPION to be the first in a series of motocross related books. In fact, I am working on a novella for the series today. Hence my being remiss in responding to everyone’s nice works. I have two back to back deadlines, one September 1 and the other September 3, so I’m drowning in work.

      Most of my books have a connection to Upstate NY, but one of the secondary characters in MENDING is from California. He’ll have his own book, sometime next year

  • Carolyn R

    Can’t wait to read the book. I read Bachelor’s Father and loved it. I can’t wait to read Jean’s next book. Thank you both for sharing. Thanks to my twin for letting me know about these authors. God is good all the time. We must wait on Him and take one day at a time. Blessings.

    • elaineadmin

      Carolyn, thanks so much for your visit… and for your sister in sharing this blog/website with you. You’re in Jean’s drawing.

      Hope to see you again!

  • Thanks for everyone’s kind comments. As I commented to Vince, I’m on crazy deadlines. I’ll try to get back more often for the rest of the week.

  • elaineadmin

    This has been a fun week for me, hosting a dear friend–Jean C. Gordon–and interacting with my lovely viewers on the blog and a whole delightful flock of Tweeters tweeting away on behalf of Jean, let alone those spreading the word on Facebook. Thanks everyone 💗

    Jean, I’m so glad you were able to be my guest once again! Thanks for sharing your heart on personal matters–not everyone can do that and you’ve done so with grace and strength. Thanks to for your Giveaways!! The 2 winners of The Bachelor’s Sweetheart are:

    Carolyn & Dianne. Yay!! Happy reading, you two!! Both Jean and I will be in touch with you via direct email.

    Blessings to all.

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