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Everyone’s Story welcomes fellow Elk Lake Publishing author Derinda Babcock. Derinda’s intriguing book covers, as well as the questions she asks her readers (what is your destiny and have you ever tried running from it?) lured me into asking Derinda if she’d like to make a guest appearance. I’m glad she accepted! This week Derinda poses the question of what to do when your plans don’t exactly match the Planner’s plans for us.  Please check out Derinda’s  BookGiveaway offer of In Search of Destiny, Book 2 of the Destiny Trilogy. Both Derinda and I look forward to hearing from you.

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A quick blurb of In Search of Destiny: Lexie Logan didn’t realize how much influence she had, yet the people she left behind made life-changing choices based on her knowledge of the future.

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A quick blurb of Dodging Destiny:

Lexie Logan flees the command of God and, like the Prophet Jonah, faces a life-storm of epic proportions.


When Ducks Don’t Cooperate by Derinda Babcock

Take a little road trip with me through my life. Sometimes the road has been smooth and the drive pleasant, but often, I’ve hit bumps and potholes or smashed into frustrating roadblocks. Surprisingly, I’m still running into obstacles as I travel “over the hill.” You’d think by now I would’ve learned to avoid them, right?

Oscar Wilde said, “The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything.” I suspect he’s right. I’m the eldest of four siblings, and we grew up in a little oil-patch town. We didn’t have much money, but I never noticed the lack because we had so many other things to do. I was a good tree-climber, but the strong belief I had in my own abilities led to one of my first important lessons.

The setting:

A hot summer day in 1967.

No air conditioning, only a screen door.

A large cottonwood tree in the yard I’d climbed thousands of times.

The characters:

Me ― age ten, Dad ― early thirties. Dad’s ex-military.


Increase the excitement in my life by dropping ice cubes down Dad’s back.

Run out the front screen door.

Climb into the tree and taunt him from my perch.

What do you think I learned?


How could someone as old as Dad move so fast? He climbed that tree as well as I did, hauled me out of it, and turned a hose full of cold water down the back of my shirt.

Soon, I came to a major crossroad. I met Jesus Christ and my decision to follow Him changed the direction of my life forever. He has impacted my thoughts, the lens I use to view life, and the focus of my stories. I’ve never been sorry I chose this path.

I married on my nineteenth birthday. My husband brought a three-year-old into the marriage, and together, we had two more daughters. Wow, ― bump, smash, crash!

When my youngest daughter was five, the Lord impressed upon me His will: get a teaching degree and teach in the public schools. Major obstacle! I resisted His urging with all my might. I didn’t want to be a teacher. I wanted to be an interior designer, an architect, or a commercial artist. My own children were hard enough to deal with, so why would I put myself in the position of working with someone else’s kids? Crazy, huh? Finally, grudgingly, I surrendered, “Okay,” I told the Lord, “If You want me to go back to school, You’re going to have to provide the money, because I don’t have any.”

His answer?

– tuition, fees, and books covered by scholarships

– a living stipend sufficient to put gas in the car for the two years it took me to finish my B.A.

I wanted my students to learn self-control, self-discipline, and good work ethics, so I had to be a model. A few times during my career, when the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m., I’d groan and beg my husband, “Please don’t make me get up this morning,” or I’d bow my head at my teacher’s desk and pray, “God, how am I going to get through the rest of the afternoon, much less the school year?

Ever had days like this?

I tootled up to another crossroad. Decision time. Do I write lesson plans for another ten years, or do I write novels? Should I write for a general audience, or for the Christian market? Since I’d signed with a literary agent the first choice was easy. The second, a little more difficult, but I chose to write novels that would encourage Christian readers in their daily walk.

When I made a total career change, I knew I’d have to get my ducks in a row. I traded in students, their parents, other teachers, administrators, and the critical public for beta readers, critique groups, a literary agent, editors, cover designers, publishers, and critical readers.

However, ducks don’t always cooperate and stay in an orderly line, so the question is, how do I handle the situation? Pout? Get frustrated? Quit? Or do I continue to learn and grow even when the experience is painful?

After editing a manuscript for what feels like the hundredth time, I’ve thought of throwing a tantrum and quitting, but I usually take a day or two off, take a deep breath, and start again. The effort’s worth it. The end results are stories that entertain and inspire readers.

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Author’s Bio:

For almost 25 years, DERINDA BABCOCK was an English Language Acquisition teacher. During this time, she worked with students of all ages and many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The richness of this experience lends flavor to the stories she writes. She enjoys historical research and crafting stories that entertain, encourage, and inspire. She writes from a Christian worldview. Since her retirement, she continues to tutor students in reading, though she divides much of her time between earning an A.A.S. degree in Digital Media Arts and Design and researching for her historical novels. She is married, and lives on a ranch in Southwestern Colorado.

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18 comments to Derinda Babcock: When Destiny Finds You

  • Derinda, I love what you wrote and it shook me to my core because I could so relate. I always wanted to be a writer but had no self-confidence that I had talent at writing. I thought about teaching and being a doctor. God, I am not smart enough to be a doctor and not sure I agreed with the teaching methods. So, nursing it was! I did not listen to God and fought Him every inch of the way. Then I got cancer, my world changed, and I knew my purpose was not to be a teacher, doctor, or nurse, but an author. Praise God.

    • elaineadmin

      Karen, I love the circle of faith you’ve traveled, though I certainly have prayed and will continue to pray for your health. He always leads us back to Him–we just have to keep our eyes, ears, and hearts fixed on what He wants. Not easy for us earthlings, for sure!

  • I often wonder if I’d followed God’s plan for my life if I would have been an author in my 30s or 40s instead of my 60s and 70s. 🙂 Great post!

    • elaineadmin

      I had dreams of becoming an author at a much younger age, but God had other plans for me: fighting a huge mining operation that would have opened feet away from my doorstep (a 10-year battle), let alone learning how to shore up a lot of personal stuff like self-confidence, writing skills, and being true to what He wants me to write even if it means being a bit different from others. Not easy, but I’m glad I’m listening to Him more these days compared to my younger self.

      Always a pleasure to see you, Pat.

  • Karen, I’m glad my post touched you. FEAR is one of those four letter words the enemy uses to keep us down and out and always questioning God’s will for us. FEAR is a tool he used to encourage Lexie Logan, the main character in two of the Destiny books, to be disobedient and unavailable. I wrote Dodging Destiny, In Search of Destiny, and Following Destiny (Fall 2016) for people like you and me. I pray for the Lord’s hand of blessing on your health and your writing. Derinda

  • Patricia, I know what you mean. The “what if’s” and “if only’s” sure pile up over the years. I thought I was a fast learner, but I seem to have to repeat some lessons over and over. Sure wish I could learn the lesson God wanted me to know quickly, the first time, so I could move on to the next. The really hard lesson for me is to “Let go, and let God …” Just saying. Derinda

  • Marilyn R

    Thanks for this great post. We all probably have “what ifs” and road blocks that caused us to go a different direction at time instead of following God. I know I have during my lifetime–following God’s leading is the best with more peace, contentment, and joy. It took me a while to know where God wanted me but thankful I’m right where I need to be at this time. God has never failed. Derinda, your books sounds great and gems to be glean from lessons your characters learn. Elaine, thanks for introducing us to another new author and books to read. God bless all.

    • elaineadmin

      So glad you enjoyed Derinda’s feature, Marilyn. Day-to-day life has both its joys and challenges. Some days feel like they’re full more of the latter than the former. But you’re so right: God has never failed. He will never fail.

  • Marilyn, I hope you enjoy reading the books in the Destiny trilogy as much as I enjoyed writing them. I learned a lot from Lexie Logan and the other characters in In Search of Destiny. Today in church I heard a speaker summarize what I try to get across in my stories. He said the expression “Failure is not an option” should be changed to “Failure is necessary” in order for us to truly understand God’s power and grace. Whew! What a relief to know my mess ups don’t disqualify me in the “can make a difference” category. Blessings. Derinda

  • Hi Derinda:

    I have my own take on that Oscar Wilde quote, and since Wilde never made it to old age, I feel I have a more seasoned perspective:

    “The young know what they know but not what they don’t know; the middle-aged know both what they know and what it is they don’t yet know; the old know what they know and, more humbling, know that a lot of what they ‘know’ ain’t so.”

    BTW: the wagon train on the cover of “In Search of Destiny” makes me think of the many trail books I’ve read over the years. From what I could read on Amazon it seems “In Search of Destiny” is a paranormal time travel story. Is that correct or is it something more?

    Please place me in the drawing for a Kindle version of your book.


  • Marilyn

    I agree, Derinda, with what you heard this morning. Our ministering missionary mentioned about failure this morning and said God turns them into something beautiful when we come to His throne of grace. So thankful God doesn’t throw the clay away when we fail Him because of our fear at times. God bless.

  • Hi, Vince. I think I prefer your take over Wilde’s. Dodging Destiny, the first book in the trilogy is the the time-travel book, therefore, the book is classified as fantasy. The story reads more like a historical than a fantasy. Though Lexie Logan, the main character, is sent back in time, the focus is not on the time-travel, but on the lessons she learns when she interacts with people of the nineteenth century. The ultimate lesson she learns is there is no place in time or space she can go to hide from God.

    In Search of Destiny has no paranormal time travel, but the characters often refer to their time-traveling visitor. Though Lexie has been returned to the twenty-first century by this time (book three–Following Destiny–coming soon), her influence in the lives of those she left behind is pivotal. This book is divided into three parts. Part One shows you how the characters living in 1857 Kansas territory deal with Lexie’s sudden departure and how the interactions they had with her influence their future. Part Two covers the Oregon Trail (1858) and Part Three deals with the characters as they face the Civil War and then the Oregon Trail (1865) which is why the picture on the cover reflects a large portion of the story.

    Vince, I have only a paperback copy available. Thanks for your interest.

  • elaineadmin

    I’m wrapping up a little early today due to approaching T-storms. I hate storms, so I sure hope this one misses us so I get to spend more time with you, my wonderful, supportive viewers 😊

    Heartfelt thanks, Derinda Babcock, for guesting on Everyone’s Story this week! I had a great time hosting you. Thanks too for your BookGiveaway of In Search Of Destiny. And the winner of this novel is…

    Karen I. Congratulations, Karen. You’ll be hearing directly from both Derinda and I.

    Blessings to all.

  • Thanks for hosting me, Elaine. Congratulations, Karen. I hope you enjoy In Search of Destiny. Derinda.

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