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Everyone’s Story welcomes back Catherine West an author who first appeared here when her novel, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, debuted. And here’s Catherine now, with another novel making its appearance from a considerably larger publishing house–congratulations, Catherine! The Things We Knew launches on July 12th–this coming Tuesday–and with the story taking place on Nantucket, this is the perfect time to join what I’m sure will be many fans of this novel. Reach for your glass of iced tea or lemonade and give Catherine a big hello. Please check out Catherine’s generous BookGiveaway offer of The Things We Knew, and Catherine’s invitation to her FaceBook party. We’re both looking forward to hearing from you.





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How To Offer Hope To A Broken World by Catherine West

You have a choice. You can stay in this place of despair and despondency, waiting for things that may never happen . . . or you can move on.

Find another place to dwell. 

If you’ve had that revelation, you know it’s life changing. You never forget that moment, the way you stood up, shaky on legs unused to standing firm. You never forget the way it felt when you tipped your chin just so, raised your eyes and faced down that fear. And took that first step, when you thought you might stumble, but instead you had hands to hold and arms to get all wrapped up in, and words were whispered through the tears . . . and then . . . and then the laughter came.

When you’ve been there so long, in that place of despondency, listened to the same lies over and over, even bought into them when you swore you wouldn’t, it’s hard to believe things can change. But they can.

You just have to move.

So often in victory, once we’ve climbed the mountain, we do forget. We forget what it felt like back there, in that hard place, and we don’t think about what we left behind. We don’t want to think about the ones who may still be struggling.


Remember that feeling of inadequacy? Feeling like no matter what you do, what you say, how you dress, what gifts you give, it is never enough. That you . . . you . . . will never be enough. It’s an ache like damp cold that seeps in and stays and you know you need to shake it off but you’ve tried time and again and today . . . you’re tired. Today you can’t. Just. Can’t. They just can’t.

Let them know they’re not alone.

There’s a broken world out there, so desperate for something new and life giving, and they’re looking at us . . . and we are failing.

Why? Because we’ve forgotten. We’ve forgotten that moment we made the choice to change our lives and move. Forgotten that we were once in that place with no way out, desperate to escape cloying darkness determined to snuff out all our light.

And now that we’re here, rescued and rested and ready for this new thing . . . warm and safe and secure . . . we don’t want to look back.

Sometimes it hurts to remember the reality of being vulnerable and wounded and scared. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that even now, we’re still not perfect. We don’t have it all together. Some days we’re still just faking it.

So what if we just get real? Because nobody wants your fake perfect. They just want your love.

Brokenness is not contagious. But it can kill a spirit. 

Self-righteousness slices deep and wounds so dangerously.

And judgment? Bleeds life right out of a person. 

I wonder if we can do better?  In all our moving on and moving up and moving out I wonder if there is room for more in the place we now dwell.

More love. More laughter. More life.

Because we don’t have to have it all together.

You can take my vulnerable and my honest and my blunt and wrap it all up pretty if you want, but it still comes from that same hard place. That place I left behind not so long ago. The place that marked me and left a few scars and some not so pretty stories to tell. And I’m okay with that. You want to know me? Really know me? Get ready for real. That’s all I’ve got.

But you are welcome to walk alongside and listen. Maybe together we can embrace the here and now, the saving grace, love and mercy. And maybe, with a deep breath and a whole lot of courage, maybe I can just put my arms out and help somebody else.

Right where I dwell.

And maybe you can too.



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Author’s Bio:

Award-winning author Catherine West writes stories of hope and healing from her island home in Bermuda. When she’s not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border Collie for long walks or reading books by her favorite authors. She and her husband have two grown children. Catherine’s novel, Bridge of Faith, won the 2015 Grace Award. Her latest novel, The Things We Knew, releases July 12th, 2016, through Harper Collins Christian Publishing.

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16 comments to Catherine West: Right Where I Dwell

  • I believe when we are real about who we are, often we help others without even realizing it. Wonderful post and your book sounds wonderful!

    • elaineadmin

      Thanks for stopping by this evening, Pat. I always, always enjoy seeing you here 😊 Catherine’s book is on my TBB (To Be Bought) short list–gotta read it!

  • Connie Saunders

    Thanks for sharing these powerful words. My church has entered into a life-changing and life-saving ministry as we offer a location to aid people through God’s Pantry and it is becoming very apparent just how much need there is. It also has shown me that many are very proud and would never ask for help if their children weren’t hungry!
    I plan to keep these words to remind me just how broken our world has become and that we need to encourage them as we serve them! We must never forget the ones who are struggling!

    • elaineadmin

      You’re so right, Connie–many will not admit that they’re hurting, let alone need help. Bless you and your caring church for wanting to make a difference.

  • Rachael Merritt

    Sent out a tweet! Loved this read. It contains SO much truth

  • Bonnie Roof

    Amen, such a beautiful post – thank you, Cathy!!

    Yes, I have several of those dark periods in my past that are painful to recall – remembering those desperate feelings of emotional pain, lack of control, helplessness and fear of sinking. At the same time, they bring joy in the knowledge that with God’s help – I made it and my experiences worked to my good by helping me better understand the trials of others and reach out to them, appreciate my many blessings and God’s love for me, and an increased awareness of my emotional strength to survive. I’m all about “realness” – another lesson learned through adversity, and I’ll probably never have it ALL together because I’m human. But that’s ok and I find contentment in knowing that.

    I loved ‘The Things We Knew’- it touched me on a deep level, I was so able to relate to the emotions of the characters. A beautiful story – thanks for allowing me to read it, Cathy!! No need to enter me in the giveaway.

    • elaineadmin

      Hi, Bonnie! I’m so thrilled to see you on Everyone’s Story!

      What you’ve described is me in a nutshell but on a daily basis. And that’s why I need Him more than anything… and yet, I sill have to actively remember this because as you’ve said about being human, it’s too convenient to forget. That said, this reaching out to others is easier and something I try to do, even if it’s just an offer of patience of a little smile. I’m always thinking that others may have had it or are having a rough go of LIFE.

      Hope to see you again!

  • Thank you, all, your comments are heard and felt and so appreciated!! I really think, even amidst the unreal tragedies of the past weeks, that God wants us to be still, to really seek HIm and listen to HIs voice. It’s so hard to do when the world wants to drown that out. When evil wants victory. Self doubt can kick hard. But we already have the victory!! And that enables us to take a stand, say the words, do the things we were afraid to do. Be real. Be someone a hurting soul can hold onto. Because you’ve been there. And you may be the only lifeline they’ve got.

  • Marilyn

    A timing post as we live in a hurting world. As well, as facing hurts and fears individually. I have to remind myself the despondent times are in the past as God gave me freedom in Him. The Things We Knew by Catherine sounds like a book that is calling my name to be read. Thanks for reminding us to always go forward in God’s love and peace while ministering to others who may be hurting more than we are.

  • Hi Connie:

    Sometimes ‘moving on’ is really just running away from our problems. It’s not where we are; it’s where we are headed. Help others find their vision and where we are will be of little importance.

    I’d like to read “The Things We Knew”. My question is: were the things we knew the things we later learned weren’t so? When does knowledge come with a certification that it is the final edition?


    • elaineadmin

      Hi, Vince. I’m curious to see what Catherine says in response. My take about moving on: it’s necessary not to get stuck in the present and to trust in Him to move into the unknown of the future. At least, that’s what I must do on a daily basis.

  • Sorry!
    I don’t know where ‘Connie’ came from. I meant Catherine.

  • Hi Vince,
    I don’t think moving on is running away from our problems. That’s not what I meant anyway. I think you have to deal with things that cause you pain, but the point is, we don’t have to have it all together We don’t need to be perfect. We just need to decide that we want to heal, and take those first steps, however small they may be, and however long the journey may take. And then perhaps we can try to offer help and encouragement to others who are also broken and struggling.
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • elaineadmin

    It’s been a festive and reflective week here on Everyone’s Story and I have my guest, the amazing author Catherine West, to thank. Thanks so much, Cathy, for being a great guest. I hope this week will bless you with more adoring readers!

    Thanks too for your lovely Giveaway of The Things We Knew. And the winner of Catherine’s newest release is…

    Marilyn! Congratulations, Marilyn and happy reading 😊

    Both Catherine and I will contact you via direct emails.

    Blessings to all.

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