Heather Blanton: Standing Up To Negativity

Everyone’s Story welcomes Christian Western Fiction author Heather Blanton. This is Heather’s first guest appearance on this blog and I hope not the last! Please join Heather this week as she shares from experience why it’s essential to stand up to negativity. Also check out Heather’s excerpt from A Promise In Defiance, her newest release that is […]

Jean C. Gordon: Ways To Lighten Your Worries

Everyone’s Story fondly welcomes back inspirational author Jean C. Gordon. I’m very blessed to have Jean as a dear friend for many years now. We met back in my RWA days (Jean’s still a member!) when we attended monthly chapter meetings up in Saratoga, NY. I’ve had the pleasure to see Jean’s career grow through […]

Barbara Ann Waite: Memories in Heart and Words

Everyone’s Story welcomes back Barbara Waite. It’s funny, I’m not quite sure where I’ve bumped cyber elbows with Barbara, but it seems like I’ve known her for years and it’s a lovely feeling! What I admire most about Barbara is her passion and respect for family, as evident in her touching memoirs of her grandmother, […]

Catherine West: Right Where I Dwell

Everyone’s Story welcomes back Catherine West an author who first appeared here when her novel, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, debuted. And here’s Catherine now, with another novel making its appearance from a considerably larger publishing house–congratulations, Catherine! The Things We Knew launches on July 12th–this coming Tuesday–and with the story taking place on Nantucket, this is the […]

Derinda Babcock: When Destiny Finds You

Everyone’s Story welcomes fellow Elk Lake Publishing author Derinda Babcock. Derinda’s intriguing book covers, as well as the questions she asks her readers (what is your destiny and have you ever tried running from it?) lured me into asking Derinda if she’d like to make a guest appearance. I’m glad she accepted! This week Derinda poses the […]