Norma Warrick: There’s Hope For Tomorrow


Everyone’s Story welcomes author Norma Warrick, someone I’m very excited to be hosting this week because it seems as if I’ve known Norma for a long time now and have Twitter to thank! I encourage my guests to share personal stories with my viewers, tying their interest in storytelling with an inspirational message. And, I believe Norma has done an excellent job. I hope you agree.  Please check out Norma’s message, as well as her super BookGiveaway offer of her novel Love Agape Style to 3–yes 3–viewers.  Both Norma and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Norma is offering *3* signed paperbacks of Love Agape Style,  to 3 randomly chosen commenters, so please do leave a comment. The winners will be announced here on Friday, June 17th between 5-6 PM EST.

** Please note regarding BookGiveaways: email contact information within comments are no longer required. However, if I have a question regarding yours I’ll leave a comment for you to forward it in order for you to chance winning.



 Blurb of Love Agape Style:

College student Sherry is kicked out of her family home by an irate father who is demanding an abortion. Almost immediately she meets an Agape Group couple who help her with housing, marrying her boyfriend, and the birth of her baby. The Agape Group uses a hands-on approach to their pro-life ministry when they come to the aid of the newly-weds.

Beginning her walk of renewed faith, Sherry is faced with enormous challenges. Her unstable father resorts to violence to regain control of his family. Sherry’s mom and siblings, having been victims of her father’s rage, respond to the outreach of kindness and care from Sherry’s new friends. The Agape couples again become God’s tool to surround Sherry and her family with loving support.

In this inspirational Christian fiction, the Agape Group lives out their love during highly-charged times. However, when another disaster hits Sherry’s embattled family, will it be too much for the newer believers?


And When I Am Old…. by Norma Warrick

I’ve discovered that at my age, I’m bored. Tired of re-doing all the things that I’ve done before, year after year. I’d always kept busy with family, volunteer work, shuttling kids around, and various craft projects. However, in these later years when the girls have flown the coop and grands are no longer a novelty, I found myself looking for some new horizon to enter into. Actually, the new horizon wasn’t planned, it was just a lucky stumble.

 I had been discouraged when looking for a book to buy my then ten-year- old grandson. When I returned home from the bookstore, discouraged by the quality of the selection, I decided to write a story to encourage Christian children in their faith. I’d had years of experience with kids of all ages in all kinds of church and Bible study gatherings. I thought that the endeavor would be a snap since I had so many years of being around kids under my belt. I also have well over fifty years of being an avid reader to guide me along the way. To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I started writing novels in the summer of 2013. What an adventure this has been. I wrote one manuscript that followed middle school kids who belonged to the same youth group. They have obstacles to overcome at home, with friends, and even in their youth group meetings.

I signed up with a publisher, who I later found out, were what experienced writers called a vanity press. I paid them a lot of money and then they wanted more to edit my manuscript. I refused and learned a lot from my first big mistake. Long story short – I parted ways with that company, got several decent edits and tried my hand at self-publishing. Then I turned the manuscript into two short early-reader books.


The following year I wrote a novel for adults and indie-published it also. Indie publishing was an adventure in itself. I had to learn all kinds of new things. Then there was the whole area of marketing books that opened new vistas for me.

I’ve spent the last year working on another adult novel. I tried a different method that I’d read about in an article aimed a new writers. Through these enlightening articles, I’d learned that I was at first a “Pantzer” style writer. I wrote by the seat of my pants. This last year I’ve tried being a “Planner” making an outline first and then making it into a story. I’m still working on a new book using this method.

As wonderful as this all has been, I also struggle with depression and that plays into the overall feeling of dullness with life for me. After being on anti-depressants for twenty-some years, I’ve discovered that my memory had developed a “sieve” affect. What goes in tends to leak out quickly. I do have to say that the challenges I face in this latter-life adventure have been overcome and rewarded by my stepping out, by just going for it. My older daughter was encouraged and has become a novelist. Grandson number two has tried his hand at making up stories and getting them down on the computer. My mind might work sluggishly, but it’s still working. There’s hope for tomorrow.

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Author’s Bio:

Norma Warrick lives in the Denver area with her husband Bob.  They have two adult daughters, one son-in-law, and four grandchildren. Considering today’s world affairs, she feels it is extremely important to raise up our Christian families in God’s word and encourage them in their Faith Walk.  Being an avid reader all her life, the Lord has now given her a few stories to write; using fun, interesting characters who lean on God when their adventures go awry.

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26 comments to Norma Warrick: There’s Hope For Tomorrow

  • Marilyn R

    Thank you for featuring Norma Warrick on Everyone’s Story. Sounds like Norma has had her struggles in life but she knows where her hope is–God’s Word and Savior Jesus Christ. Love Agape Style is going to be a definite read for me. I always enjoy inspirational books showing the love of God and how we can always depend upon Him no matter our circumstances. I’m so thankful we have hope through Jesus Christ–definitely youth of today needs to hear the Word of God with laws being made that goes against God’s Word so their hope and faith will be in Him. God bless.

    • elaineadmin

      Marilyn, I’m glad you appreciated Norma’s feature. I agree with you 100% We each must decide to stand strong in our faith!

    • Hi Marilyn, thanks for your comment. You are so spot-on. Our hope is in Him, especially when things go sideways! It’s amazing how many people at my church suffer from depression. We try to bolster each other up with prayers and fellowship. A Tuesday night Canasta game helps too. Lots of laughter and teasing. We realize that the strength to step out and stay connected is from our Lord and Savior. Otherwise, it seems impossibly hard to do. So along with you, we praise His name.

  • It’s so funny–I went from outlining my plot with my first books to now being what I call an organic writer. 🙂 Love Agape Style sounds like a wonderful book.

    • elaineadmin

      Many moons ago I tried mapping out my stories with an outline and stick-it notes pinned to a bulletin board… just about everything and anything. And it ruined any creativity–that was the only time I experienced Writer’s Block. Ugh. Now it’s all seat of the pants writing, letting story and characters take charge and it’s so much fun!

  • Hi Norma:

    Boredom is like a dark room with the shades drawn. It thrives on a lack of vision. However, if we would but open those shades and let the splendor of God’s creation fill our hearts, then boredom would be denied any dark places in which to hide.

    As the Navajo like to say as a blessing: “Walk in beauty.”

    What beautiful cover art! That’s as good as the largest publishing house could produce! Love the title. It made me think of a favorite book: “The Four Loves” by C. S. Lewis.

    Is the story based on the existence of a real Christian support group?

    Please place my in the drawing for a Kindle version, if possible, as I need the large type to read without problems.


    • elaineadmin

      Vince, you are so right about Norma’s cover–excellent and very professional!

      I can remember the last time I was bored: at age eighteen. Ha. Welcome to adulthood, right?

  • Hi Patricia, Okay I have to ask – why do you use the phrase “organic writer”? I’m guessing it doesn’t have to do with fertilizer!
    I sometimes wish that my mind would work faster so I’d be able to sit down and write out the story. Honestly, sometimes it takes a while to just write out a sentence. And I’m not an analytical person!! I’m not sure I could keep track of everything without the outline. I also use Elaine’s method of letting the characters take charge and then I have to change my outline. It is fun to write. Just wish I’d started sooner in life.
    Thanks for your kind comment about Love Agape Style. I did fall in love with the characters.

  • Hi Vince, very true. Boredom can be even darker for those with depression. That’s why I try to stay busy. I like what you’re saying about recognizing, and looking for, the beauty that God has displayed all around us. I’m blessed to live close to the Rocky Mountains. The majesty of God is displayed for me every day!
    The cover art was done by Rachel Rosanno. She was a jewel to work with. The only thing that I picked out (after hours of searching) were the bleeding hearts. They reminded me so much of how the hearts of God’s people can come together and accomplish much for Him. Yes, the story is based on a couple who pursued the housing ministry. The church we attended was very pro-life and the ministry idea was precious. So I ran with it in the book. Thanks for your comments. Drawing is for paperbacks in reg. print. Sorry about that. I see why you’d prefer kindle where you could change the print size. Let me look into that.

  • Hi Elaine:

    Loved your comment:

    “I can remember the last time I was bored: at age eighteen.”

    I too think I was most bored as a child during the long hot lazy days of summer. Remember that book, “Where did you go? Out. What did you do? Nothing.”? I must have said that a hundred times to my mother over the years…and so must have a million other kids.

    I now think creativity is a flame that uses boredom as a fuel like oxygen.

    A favorite example of mine is a famous writer who, when asked if he could bring only four books on a desert island, answered: “I’d take four blank books along with dozens of pencils.”

    I always admired that man. Of course, he was living in the time of those very large leather bound books. There was a lot of space to write in those tomes; a lot of space to create.


    • elaineadmin

      Now, that’s a **wonderful** spin on the question about which books to take to a desert island: blank ones with pencils. Wow. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Norma:

    My mother loved bleeding heart flowers. She would take me to the nursery each year to buy some. My job was to pick out the plants. The man would then dig them up. Sixty years later I’m still buying those flowers with fond memories.

    Not too long ago, I bought a romance by Amber Stokes called “Bleeding Heart” and it had bleeding hearts on the cover art. I had to buy it. I also just downloaded your “Love Agape Style” and have started reading it. I’ll have it read by Friday. Loved the glimpse of conflict within a woman’s Christian Church group. People are just people. : )

    The last time I bought a Bleeding Heart plant, the nurseryman here in Oklahoma told me that the plant needed a hard freeze over the winter to come back the strongest in the spring. I’m not sure if that is true or not but it is sure fitting for a plant named Bleeding Heart.

    Looking forward to reading Agape!


  • Hi Norma:

    I’ve just finished reading the first chapter of “Love Agape Style” and you had me laughing out loud. It is very funny and the two “A”s are already very memorable and sympathetic characters. Yet, the chapter topic is deadly serious.

    Is humor part of your voice? So few writers can do humor well. Most will not even try it. You have a gift for it. I hope to see more.


  • Hi Vince, love your comments. Nice to hear a story about bleeding hearts. My impression was that they grew in the wild. I’ve never seen them at anyone’s house. Thanks for input on LAS. Yes, humor helps me in my struggles with depression. Thank you also for the compliment. God bless.

  • Marilyn

    Interesting comments about the cover and bleeding hearts. Bleeding heart is a herbaceous perennial that will multiple over time. I have friends who will give bleeding heart plants during a loss to plant in their garden.

    Vince, laughter is always a plus when reading a book. Norma, sounds like you know how to make lemonade out of lemons with your humor. God bless all.

    • elaineadmin

      Marilyn, you sound like quite the gardener, both creating visual beauty and sharing joy with others 🌷 Always happy when you visit.

  • Hi Marilyn, Now I know more about the bleeding heart plants. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen them in a flower shop. Where are they available. Love the idea of using them for a sympathy gift. Thanks for comments. Have a blessed day.

  • Ann Ellison

    Enjoyed the interview and the book sounds like one I would really enjoy.

  • Marilyn R

    Norma, the friends that have bleeding hearts share theirs as they multiply when cared for correctly. Greenhouses and nurserys should have them but they do need a good freeze in the winter like we have in Illinois.

  • elaineadmin

    I thank my lovely guest, author Norma Warrick, for appearing on Everyone’s Story this past week and helping to put a smile on many faces. Norma, I hope that this exposure blesses you with an ever growing readership and the desire to write and share more of the stories that He puts into your heart.

    Thanks too for the spectacular BookGiveaway. Wow. 3 Giveaways of the paperback of LOVE AGAPE STYLE. So generous and appreciated, Norma 💗

    And, the 3 winners are…

    Patricia B.
    Marilyn R.
    Ann E.

    Congratulations to each of you. Both Norma and I will contact you via private email.

    Blessings to all.

  • Hi Anne, thanks for you comment! I appreciate it. Kinda builds my happy factor. I hope you do enjoy the book. congratulations!

    Marlyn, Thanks for more info on the bleeding hearts! Why didn’t I think of a nursery. I feel kind of attached to the plant now. Congratulations on being a winner of a copy of Love Agape Style. Norma

    Patricia, best wishes on your own writing. I hope you enjoy a copy of Love Agape Style.

    Elaine, Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog Everyone’s Story. Lots of fun to be able to interact with readers and other writers. May the Lord bless your every effort. It’s been a joy.

  • Deanna

    Hi! Patricia Bradley is someone I know of in my writing circles. So cool she won your book!
    Have a fabulous day!!!!!😃

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