Jennifer Slattery: The Tears of Freedom


Everyone’s Story gives a big welcome back to multi-published author and popular blogger, Jennifer Slattery. Through the years I’ve watched this energetic woman grow from weekly blogger to debut author to multi-published author and now to editor at a Christian publisher. I’m not sure how she does it all (perhaps she doesn’t sleep?) but Jennifer manages with a gracious smile. This week Jennifer reflects on several personal moments that influenced her writing, answers a few questions, and offers a BookGiveaway on her newest release. Both Jennifer and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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On The Other Side of Dead Ends by Jennifer Slattery

Some believe life is found when they reach that ever-elusive dream, grab hold of true love, or maybe finally get to enjoy that retirement they spent decades building. But I say life is found when we reach the end of ourselves.

I’ve had numerous dead end moments, the most dramatic being when I spent my first night on the streets of Tacoma. You’d think once God had plucked me off the streets and rerouted my life-course, it was all roses and chocolates from there.

Nope. I had to slam my head into a few more dead-ends, like the near destruction of my marriage. And our finances. Followed by a move quite literally across the country, a bout of unemployment, followed by some major heart-cleaning. But each of those moments, as hard as they were, brought me one step closer to Christ and revealed yet another layer of the story of grace He longs to reveal in me.

Interesting how each of those painful moments have come out in my latest novel, Breaking Free. That was totally unintentional on my heart. All I knew was that I had a burning desire to write. So, after resisting the urge for a while (with the intent of pursuing a much more reasonable and predictable career), I surrendered and sat at my desk, my laptop opened in front of.

The story poured out. Maybe it was cathartic, or maybe my create explosion was simply the result of having been suppressed for so long. Regardless the why or how, as I sat to write each day, I felt God’s love and grace so strongly, there were times I was quite literally brought to tears. It was as if I could sense God’s heartbeat for each of us, especially the most broken among us.

That was in 2009, back when I was convinced I was ready to write for God. Man, was I wrong. He had a lot of heart-work to do in me before I’d be ready to carry the platform behind my stories, the biggest of which was removing the shame that kept me hiding behind my computer. Because how can one write stories of freedom when they themselves are living in bondage?

A few years, during a painful conversation regarding my past and my desperate need to keep it hidden, my brother said to me, “I look forward to the day when you can share your story without shame.”

Last night as I filled out a biographical form sent to me from a Christian media group, I realized that day has come. And all I could do was cry, happy tears. The tears of freedomDoves

Questions for Jennifer:

Your novels center on strong woman and how they fight to mend broken marriages and relationships. Would you consider this your “author’s theme” and where does this originate from?

Interesting. I’ve never recognized this, though I do enjoy stories with women overcomers, so I suppose I’m not entirely surprised my female characters demonstrate strength. As far as my author’s theme, my books tend to include tough or strained family relationships, someone in need of help, and those who feel called to help them. I’ve also been told my novels point to the truth that we find our joy, healing, and fulfillment in serving others.

Congratulations on becoming a content editor for Firefly, a southern fiction imprint for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. What is the most valuable but unexpected lesson you’ve learned since accepting this position?

I absolutely love working with authors, and I love Firefly’s process. I’m able to walk alongside an author from first draft through final submission. As a result, I feel we develop a great relationship. Every author I work with lands on my prayer list as to me, my working relationship with them is about much more than just their book. I feel God has brought me alongside them to encourage them and help them grow.

As to what I’ve learned… I’ve come to discover how much I love helping others reach their full potential. I think that’s why I love editing so much; it’s an opportunity to link arms with someone as they pursue God’s call on their life.

I watched your video of Living As Daughters of the King on your website: Please share with viewers of this blog what your “antidote” to the hiccups life often gives.

I’m not sure there’s an antidote to life’s problems, but there is one to the emotional craziness that often follows, and that’s trusting and surrendering fully to Christ. When I remember who He is, what He’s promised, and all He’s done for me in the past, whatever I’m facing loses the power it has over me because it’s placed in proper perspective—in God’s hands.

Off the top of your head, without much thought: where’s the 1 foreign country you want to visit and why?

I recently received an intriguing email about a bed and breakfast in Israel and it sounded absolutely lovely! Although as my husband often says, there’s still so much of the United States we haven’t seen and experienced.


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Author’s Bio:

Jennifer Slattery writes soul-stirring fiction for New Hope Publishers, Christian living articles for, and devotions for Internet Café Devotions, the group blog, Faith-filled Friends, and her personal blog. She also does content editing for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas’ Firefly imprint, and loves working with authors who are serious about pursuing their calling. When not writing, reading, or editing, Jennifer loves going on mall dates with her adult daughter and coffee dates with her hilariously fun husband.

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9 comments to Jennifer Slattery: The Tears of Freedom

  • Hi Jennifer:

    I once read a travel book that had this dedication:

    “To all the dreamers who have longed to see Europe…and their husbands.”

    I’ve long ago forgotten the book title but I’ll never forget that sad dedication.

    Please tell your husband that there is no requirement to see America first and that when you have visited other countries, as in Europe, everything else you see thereafter here in the USA becomes a more meaningful and richer experience since you will have seen it within the context of a greater world context.

    My wife and I visited over 30 countries while we were young. Now that we are older and retired and physically limited we feel that bus tours of the best places to see in the USA are a perfect way to finish up our travels. If we had waited to see America first we would have never seen all those other counties at all.

    Go to the hard places to visit first while you are able. That’s my advice.

    The backstory behind “Breaking Free” makes me think of these two lines:

    “Let Go, Let God.”

    “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

    How do you feel about this observation?


    • elaineadmin

      Thanks for visiting during this Easter weekend, Vince. I agree–what a sad dedication about longing to see Europe “and their husbands.” I’m glad for Jennifer that she has a blessed marriage and family and works hard at encouraging family bonds for others.

    • Hi, Vince,

      Great points and suggestions. It sounds like you and your wife have had a wonderful time together. Any favorite trips or locations you can share?

  • Enjoyed learning more about Jennifer today. I’d love to go to Ireland…or Scotland. I love to travel and have seen quite a bit of the US, but not all of it.

    • elaineadmin

      Thanks for visiting during this holiday weekend, Pat. My husband and I have crossed country a few times on Amtrak and have taken in many beautiful sights. I’d love the luxury of one day traveling by car so I could get out more and “taste” this very nation I live in. One day. I’ve also seen a few areas of northeast Canada and long to go out west to see British Columbia. Let’s go!

  • Hi Jennifer:

    My advice is to take one of those often maligned ’23 Countries in 18 Days” tours as your first trip. You may never get another opportunity to take a trip overseas again.

    Once you’ve been to a place and seen the famous landmarks life thereafter becomes more three dimensional: that is, when you see a news report from a famous location, like Venice, it means much more to you. Perhaps you have stood in the exact same spot as the newsperson.

    You know what the location is really like, what it sounds like, what it smells like, you even may know how far apart these famous locations are from each other — especially if you’ve toured on a bus.

    The hope is, of course, that your ‘lighting tour’ will reveal places you find most attractive that you wish to return and spend a whole vacation exploring and enjoying.

    As for a favorite place: for my 50th birthday we took a tour of Greece — as a philosopher that is my homeland. For my wife’s 50th we went to Machu Picchu in Peru — a very exotic location that has always fascinated her. These were my two favorite trips out of many.

    I hope you get to go and that you put your experiences in a book. “Freedom Forever Everywhere”.

    “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T. S. Eliot


  • Ann Ellison

    I would love to visit Norway. I know that my great-great-grandfather came to the US from there in 1839. My family is blessed to have a journal talking about his life there and subsequent journey to America. I would love to go visit the places he talked about in the journal. I enjoyed the interview and the books sounds like a really good one.

    • elaineadmin

      Hi, Ann. Norway sounds interesting! My family’s past is in Austria and Poland and I’d love to visit there. My husband’s is German and Scotland … let’s pack out bags and go right now!

  • elaineadmin

    Jennifer, heartfelt thanks for appearing on Everyone’s Story and for sharing your hopes and aspirations with us. I wish you well in whatever you choose. Also, thanks for the BookGiveaway of BREAKING FREE. The winner is…

    Ann! Yay, Ann. Another good read is coming your way! Both Jennifer and I will contact you via direct emails.

    Blessings to all.

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