Patricia Bradley: Chat Between a Multi-Published Author (Patricia) and a Debut Author (Elaine Stock)

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Everyone’s Story gives a fond welcome-again to author and friend Patricia Bradley. Although I’m excited about all my guests, I’m crazy happy that Patricia is here once more. She’s been such an encourager to me through the years, as well as gave me a glowing endorsement for my debut novel, Always With You. In fact, we’re going to do something a wee different this week on Everyone’s Story: Patricia and I are sharing a conversation we’ve enjoyed, capturing the emotions and ups and downs of a multi-published author and a debut author. I just wish we’ve had more time and blog space. Then again, we wouldn’t be writing, right? Also, do check out Patricia’s BookGiveaway!

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Let’s Chat A Conversation Between Patricia Bradley and Elaine Stock

Welcome back to Everyone’s Story, Patricia, a place you’re always invited to come sit a spell. I’d like to begin our chat with a shocking topic … well, at least for me, one I honestly wasn’t expecting. To be candid, prior to when my debut novel, Always With You, released mid January I thought for sure that release day would trigger perpetual cheers and happy sobs and maybe a jump or a thousand of pure joy. Of course I was thrilled, but the most unexpected sereneness filled me and I felt as if I was floating on a tranquil pond. I admit to a wee anxiety crawling in about a week later: I went from years of wondering if I’d ever publish a novel to does-anyone-care? to is-anyone-reading-this-book? I’ve heard that it “never gets easier.” I’d love to know what kind of emotional ups and downs a multi-published author goes through, if you’d like to share.

Oh, goodness. My release day was different from most people. It was the day we buried my mother. So it was bittersweet. She did get to hold a copy of it in her hands and read the beginning, but God had promised me that my mom would do that.

My most exciting day was the one when I receive the offer from Revell. That was my jump up and down moment. It was the moment that I realized I would live my dream. Every milestone after that—receiving the first copy of my book on Christmas Eve…(thank you Kristin!) to seeing the books in bookstores had been surreal. I have that sereneness that you talked about, but not jump up and down excitement. I’m glad you mentioned that because I wondered if something was wrong with me. J

Before you had a contract—because that’s when everything changed for me—how did you keep writing? Did you have people say things like, how can you justify the time you’re spending on writing when you keep getting rejections? Even I questioned myself about that.

My answer to them and myself was that I strongly felt God had given me the gift of telling stories, and if I didn’t keep working at it, I would be throwing his gift away. I also reminded myself that it took a certain amount of time to learn the craft, and if I did that, one day I would be published. For some reason, to me it wasn’t a matter of if but when I would be published.

Pat, that’s right—your debut novel came out on your mom’s burial day. So sorry—once again! I’m crediting my own mother for influencing me positively when it comes to the love of creating story worlds. Cyber hugs!

The carrot of novel publication dangling before my eyes—for years—served as both a goal and motivational source for me. Yet, it was a rough bunch of years. Emotionally, several people who praised me as having iron-clad perseverance also kind of took my writing as a “pastime.” They saw me devoting an incredible amount of free time to write, as well as hard-pressed finances to attend conferences, travel costs to these conferences, books, and so many etcs. I don’t think non-writers understand writers, especially pre-published ones. Americans are especially conditioned to see instant payoffs or forget it. However, I kept listening to the building voice within me saying to honor and glorify God and publication will happen, and not to worry about the date. Well, I confess to the inability of the not-worrying part. I am highly human with faults and weaknesses. I admire your strength to have a reply to these people, whereas I just sort of slunk off into a writer’s anonymous’ cocoon, waiting to hatch. Who knows about when my sophomore book will release … I’m finishing up that one … praying for His help.

And that brings me to my next question for you: if you’ve had any anxieties about whether your 2nd novel would “make it,” how did you deal with these turbulent emotions well enough to forge into writing the 2nd book or the 3rd?

About a quarter of the way into book 2, I had this overwhelming feeling that I must have been crazy to think I could write another book. It was horrible. I had no idea how I did it the first time, and I’d never finish it. But I did and it hit #19 on the CBA best seller list for April after it came out. This happens on every book.

That first time it happened and now, I just pray and tell God that He gave me this book to write and He was just going to have to help me get it written. And He always does. Sometimes it comes easier than other times. J As for “making it”, that’s not my job. That’s God’s. My job is to write the book and it’s up to Him how many sell.

One question I have—did you have any idea how slow publishing is when you started writing? How have you dealt with that?

Bradley_Silence resized

Your attitude—about surrendering the “making it” part to God is beautifully healthy, both emotionally and spiritually. I’ll keep this in mind today as I continue writing my WIP, throwing in nixing any anxiety over the time it’s taking … sure wish I could snap my fingers and hit Submit. Double 🙂 🙂

As far as awareness of the incredible lengthy time factor involved with all facets of publishing, I have a yes and no answer. Prior to publication I read numerous warnings about the wait involved. So yes, in a way, I was prepared to wait and wait upon hearing a Yes from an agent and then from a publisher. What I wasn’t prepared for were other unexpected waits: the wait for receiving the actual contract after a verbal acquisition; the wait for the release date; the wait for readers’ acknowledgments that my book is being read; the wait for reviews to appear; the wait to hear back from promotional opportunity sources … every day I’m learning something more.

This forum has been a mind opening insight to me, Patricia, and I’m glad we’re sharing this honesty to help other writers, as well as readers who may appreciate what goes behind creating and publishing a novel.

To wrap things up, I have one last question for you: When writing a story that totally has grabbed you by the heart, do you get stymied worrying about whether it’s too gritty for a reader or any myriad of “too’s”?

Funny you should ask. 🙂 The book I just turned in has a man on death row. As I wrote it, I worried that my editor might shoot it down, or that readers might be turned off, but it was integral to the plot. And coming up, I have a storyline that involves sex trafficking. These are the stories that God has put on my heart.

One last thing—I want to thank you for having me as a guest on your blog again. I love coming here!

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Author’s Bio:

Patricia Bradley lives in North Mississippi and is a former abstinence educator and co-author of RISE To Your Dreams, an abstinence curriculum. But her heart is tuned to suspense. Patricia’s romantic suspense books include the Logan Point series—Shadows of the Past, A Promise to Protect, and Gone Without a Trace. Silence in the Dark releases April 26th. She has written two sweet romances for Harlequin Heartwarming, Matthew’s Choice and The Christmas Campaign, available on Amazon.

Her workshops on writing include online courses with American Christian Fiction Writers and workshops at the Mid-South Christian Writer’s Conference in Collierville, TN. When she has time, she likes to throw mud on a wheel and see what happens

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26 comments to Patricia Bradley: Chat Between a Multi-Published Author (Patricia) and a Debut Author (Elaine Stock)

  • Thank you for inviting me to Everyone’s Story again, Elaine! I loved our conversation.

    • elaineadmin

      I enjoyed chatting with you as well. It was nice sharing joys and concerned and learning that I wasn’t alone in some of the things I’d experienced. I’m looking forward to seeing if any viewers have also had similar thoughts.

  • Marilyn R

    Thank you Elaine for this informative conversation between Patricia and yourself. I truly believe God will go before both of you as you follow Him with your stories. Sex trafficking is a real issue in our society. If God put this story line on your heart-by all means write it. God has a purpose for the story and I believe He’ll use it for His glory to show His redemptive love and power no matter what a person’s life has been. God Bless you both.

  • Great chat, Patricia and Elaine. Thanks for showing the contrast (and sometimes the similarities) between your stories.

  • By the way, I want to share that…Shadows of the Past is free in digital form this week! I will still be giving away a copy of the print book.

  • Enjoyed the interview, Pat. I’m putting Silence on my TBR pile.

  • Thanks for your honest sharing, Patricia and Elaine! Emotions are funny things and I can relate to some
    of what each of you has been through. I’m trying to learn to find joy in the moment and not worry so
    much about the future, but it sure seems to be part of the human condition. J

    • elaineadmin

      Love seeing you here, Kathy ❤ I’m glad you appreciated this feature. Worrying seems to be my achilles heel–when I get trapped in that emotional tangle I forget to lean on God. I read a devotional early this morning before heading out to work and wow–did it ever make things crystal clear for me: Magnify your God; don’t magnify your problems. Those words really changed my whole outlook and I couldn’t believe how I “sailed” through the day lighter in spirit. Nope, I didn’t arrive home to find all my problems gone, but rather I’m basking in the feel-good emotion of knowing that our Father has my life taken care of! I’m not trying to minimize others’ emotional or physical problems, but what I am saying is that it was much easier to go through today with this in mind.

      Now, I sure hope I can remember this because I too easily forget when the world appears cloudy.

  • It was very hard for me to learn to find the joy in the journey. I am a want-it-yesterday kind of girl. I’m sure God got His daily laugh with me. My tagline on email used to be I asked God about patience and He gave me a book to write. But at some point I realized I was doing what I wanted to do and what I felt He called me to do. And I didn’t think He would have me wasting my time in something that would never bear fruit. That’s when I started to enjoy the journey, knowing whatever happened would be in His timing.

  • One more thing. By waiting, I received what God wanted to give me – a 3-book deal instead of the 1-book deal I had in mind.

    • elaineadmin

      Pat, you’re really are a golden example of patience paying off, or should I say grace paying off?! Funny, because now I’m at the stage of believing I’m following what He wants me to do, but I’m still getting others saying stuff like “oh, wouldn’t it be great if you can one day write full time” while they simultaneously tick off what feels like 20 million things for me to be doing other than writing. Sigh.

  • Marilyn R

    Elaine, so nice to read your comment from earlier today, A great reminder to me and all. God is to be praised and He’ll see us through trials.

    I had a life long friend text me early this morning requesting prayer for strength as she was so weary. I prayed and gave her a few scriptures from the Bible. One was the joy of the Lord is our strength. She texted s few minutes ago and said she felt more strength and not as burdened down with all that was transpiring. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

    God bless you as you minister through your blog postings.

    • elaineadmin

      Marilyn, thanks for your kind words. I love this little blog of mine. I appreciate your perspective that this blog ministers to its viewers but I have to share with you that through this forum I’ve received tremendous amounts of support and encouragement and I praise God because I know He is at work here.

      Thank YOU for visiting ❤

    • Marilyn, what a sweet thing you did. I love the one in Deuteronomy–As your day so shall your strength be.

  • Anne Rightler

    Enjoyed the chat and always enjoy a giveaway. Thank you

  • elaineadmin

    This past week on Everyone’s Story has been a pure delight for me, as well as a motivating and encouraging post for myself. From what I can see it has helped to lift others as well. I have my friend and multi-published author Patricia Bradley to thank. Pat, I can’t say it enough: you’re truly not only an inspiration for me but a genuine sweetheart of a woman. Bless you in all you do for others.

    Thanks too for the lovely Giveaway of SHADOWS OF THE PAST. And the winner of Patricia’s novel is…

    Anne!! Happy reading, Anne. I know you’ll like this one! Both Patricia and I will contact you via direct email.

    Blessings to all.

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