Patricia Bradley: Chat Between a Multi-Published Author (Patricia) and a Debut Author (Elaine Stock)

Everyone’s Story gives a fond welcome-again to author and friend Patricia Bradley. Although I’m excited about all my guests, I’m crazy happy that Patricia is here once more. She’s been such an encourager to me through the years, as well as gave me a glowing endorsement for my debut novel, Always With You. In fact, we’re going […]

Tanya Eavenson: On Being Restored

Everyone’s Story gives a big welcome-again to author and friend Tanya Eavenson. Tanya’s visit this week finds her smiling with the release of her second novel Restored. I’m excited to have Tanya back with us, truly restored! Tanya shares with us a strong but loving reminder of why it’s so necessary to hold tight onto God and to […]

Amy K. Sorrells: Are You Quiet Enough?

Everyone’s Story warmly introduces to this blog the amazing author Amy Sorrells. I fell in love with Amy’s storytelling when she swept me into her characters’ world in her novel Then Sings My Soul and knew I had to invite her to appear as my guest. And talk about uplifting! Check out Amy’s encouraging words […]

Tina Radcliffe: A Writer’s Plan B

Everyone’s Story gives a warm welcome to author Tina Radcliffe. It’s my pleasure to host Tina this week because whenever I see Tina post on a blog or on Twitter she always brings a smile to my face and I’m hoping she’ll do just that for you. Check out Tina’s BookGiveaway of Rocky Mountain Reunion as well […]